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By Anonymous
Beat the one in war-dead catacombs, checked inventory before fast traveling out, game instantly crashed, start game back up again and my character was falling into the void of nothingness before instantly dying and losing all 65000 runes I got from the boss and putting them in an unreachable place. 10/10 great game design feature.
By JiroKnight
I had just opened the chest protected by all the shrimp guys in the Grand Cloister and I chose to use Margit’s Shackle to look around for hidden secrets and all the sudden I noticed that there was a health bar ticking down off in the distance. I had cleared the place out (decent farming spot for me at the moment) except for the Putrid Tree Spirit (which gave me a heart attack the first time of course) so I started running backwards towards the rot waterfall (rotterfall?) and it seems that the Putrid Tree Spirit has been dispatched. Is this a glitch or did I trigger something that killed the PTS? Did anyone else experience this?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Easily the biggest cluster**** of design in this game, impossible to see what's going on, no clue where the hitboxes are, borderline unavoidable oneshot attacks. Good luck.
By Anonymous
After the forward head slam (which provides a decent punishing window) he will ALWAYS either do another forward head slam (signaled by neck going upwards) OR the super-wide neck swipe (signaled by curling the neck to the side - this one has a pretty long preparation time so its kind of easy to discern) -

Also I've noticed that after its dive attack either ends on itself (double or once) or what is much MORE OFTEN , ends with fire breathing (good for punishing too)
By Anonymous
One of the most memorable souls game encounters for me. Had to learn this putrid gator mass behavior by heart as my build could not survive any of its hits (yes, that means any contact). You can imagine the rest.
By Anonymous
Flame of the Redmanes + Misericorde saves the day yet again! I'm not sure what I'm doing different but I only needed 2 hits to stance break it compared to the other comments here who needed 3-4 hits.

Could've been my Troll Sword + Cragblade on the 1st half and Engvall dunking nonstop. It really was a pain to hit tho until I switched to FotR.
By Anonymous
Claws and hug his belly, works every time
By Anonymous
"Oh yeah, let's me the boss that just whirls like electrocuted worm and has wonky af hitbox" - Elden Ring design team.
By Anonymous
After getting wrecked multiple times:
- roll toward and slightly to the right, circling in, stay just behind and to the right of presumably *** or next to lower right belly (watch out for arm stomp aoe)
- after successful dodge to that kind of position, time for maybe two light attacks of heavy weapon (possibly three) (frost is good if you have it)
- camera lock is okay even though you can't see the whole thing, try to read body twirl timing and roll close to avoid hitboxes
- for summons choose one that can stay alive until second phase even if not doing much damage
- use a good attack window to heal if necessary
- watch out for tail swipe
- maintain pressure and closeness if possible
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