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''If the player bought prawns from Boggart, he moves to Leyndell'' is false kinda, yea you need to buy the shrimp, but you also need a grace in altus for him to move
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I *always* forget to find Rya before making it to the manor and lock myself out of his shop permanently. This is a really frustrating quest; so simple, but so easy to fail
By Anonymous
cool character but i usually kill him just like patches cause first id lose 1K from him otherwise and killing him gives 1K so thats 2K and hes an evil character if you like it or not and my play wise is always good soooo... rip
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this mf gave up the option to buy boiled crab permanently for 2k runes
By Anonymous
Im speechless
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By thesimulacra
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/describes murdering someone and taking their money becausw rhey were suspected of stealing a single necklace/

"Yeah I always play good characters, so..."
By Anonymous
Why would you kill top shagger? For shame man, for shame
By Anonymous
Boggart really is the type of guy to buy you an entire large supreme pizza because you said his prawn tasted good.
By Anonymous
I only bought the necklace from him, but not the prawn and he still moved to leyndell instantly after i rested at the grace.
By Anonymous
so, two weeks ago I was dead set on getting dung eater’s puppet, cuz **** that guy. the thing is, it usually involves sacrificing Boggart to get to that point- UNLESS you give him a couple silly slaps before dung eater gets to him first. a small price to pay to save my favorite character in Elden ring, right?
fast forward to now, I’ve gotten dung eaters puppet, visited the church of vows for absolution. Boggart has been alive and well and I’ve purchased food from him several times.

Then, tonight, I completed Ranni’s quest.
I thought I would go stock up on prawn for Morgott’s fight, but when I got there he… he was dead. defiled. gone. i don’t know what I did wrong. I’m sitting here wishing I had never bought from him in Liurnia, but dung eater’s been dead for weeks- and yet…

and yet…….

maybe I’ll reconsider the Frenzied Flame ending.
By Anonymous
Another method to save Boggart is to simply not buy any prawn from him in Liurnia until after you deal with the Dung Eater. If you never buy any prawn, he will never move to Leyndell. You can proceed with Dung Eater's questline in the meantime and then when you kill him or feed him the potion, you can go back to Boggart and buy a prawn, which will trigger him to move to Leyndell safe and sound.
By Anonymous
I can confirm that the 16th May reply is correct. Also, don't interact with Rya and avoid Mt Gelmir for the time being. Wait until you reach Leyndell, find Dung Eater in his cell after having talked to him at the Roundtable Hold, give him the potion, kill him and report back to Selluvis. I did that and Boggart is safe and sound while I have the dung eater's puppet. From now on with every playthrough that's exactly what I'm going to do. The only downside is that you have to wait a bit until you can progress Rya's questline but it's worth it. There's no way I'm going to let Boggart get defiled by that feces muncher.
By Anonymous
this quest is one of the worst in the game.... The fact you can so easily lock yourself out of the most useful pvp consumable is f*cking stupid; it's even worse since both Rya and Boggart can still be interacted with. This is pure trash quest design, very common From Software issue.
By Anonymous
Imagine expecting to get everything without any prior knowledge. Make a new character and use a guide if you're that into PvP. Releasing this game in English was a mortal sin.
By Anonymous
This is how a quest should be, a story with an actual consequences for player. Just use guide if you really want everything in the game.
By Anonymous
imagine needing buffs in pvp
By Anonymous
Downvoted for being a negative nancy and needing buffs for pvp. All of this can be solved in 2 simple steps however.

Step 1 - Git
Step 2 - Gud
By Anonymous
the replies in this comment smells like reddit and probably filate fromsoft's long shaft
By Anonymous
If you kill Dung Eater in the sewers he can't kill Boggart right?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Love me prawn, simple as.
By Anonymous
My favorite roadman
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