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By Alzrius
Can confirm "Blackguard" summon available at Wyrm Makar. Full name not given though.
By Anonymous
If you have not purchased shrimp from boggart the first time around during the amulet theft part of his quest line and you proceed past the point in the dung eater quest line where he invades you at the moat, you will not be able to get the seedbed curse from boggarts body as the dung eater does not kill him.
By Anonymous
So we can technically save prawn bro and complete dungdude's quest simultaneously so long as we're careful to not intersect the two?
By Anonymous
For clarity sake, Dung Eater does not spawn until AFTER you find Blackguard's dying body, talk to him so he dies, and pick up his drops. Spent about 15 minutes trying to get Dung Eater to invade because I had exhausted all of Blackguard's dialogue, but didn't know I needed to rest and have him die before the invasion would happen.
By Anonymous
Not entirely correct. For me i met the Dungeater at the Roundtable hold and even defeated him on the Leyndall outskirts already. Then I realised this NPC even exists. So i went and tried to talk to him, but he still tells me to get lost. So i'm not sure what the triggers are here or if it's possible that something else got screwed up along the way.
By Anonymous
He has a second shop over in Leyndell, by the small pond just north of the inner wall

This time he sells Boiled Crab for greater physical damage reduction than the prawn
By Anonymous
he is stuck at boilprawn shack for me
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By twizzlerwizard
maybe have to progress dung-eater to make him move to leyndell
By Anonymous
shrimp dude can indeed be summoned for Magma wyrm boss fight, although i befriended him and bought shrimp from him before this.
By Anonymous
"If the player has progressed the Dung-Eater's questline, he will warn them about his time in prison with the Dung-Eater, where he saw him do "unspeakable acts" to corpses. Boggart warns the player to stay clear of him."

False, he gives this warning regardless of dung eater quest progression at this point.
By Anonymous
I ended up talking to Rya at Volcano Manor first, before even seeing her at Liurnia
She never mentioned having lost a necklace or anything, and when I got to see Boggart, he just tells me to piss off
Did I ruin the questline? I really want to get the Seedbed Curse from Boggart, but is he just stuck by the Boilprawn Shack now?
By Anonymous
Same situation here. I just want the gesture
By Anonymous
Go the the little... altar just southeast of Boggart and you might still see Rya there inside of it. I went to the manor first, turned down the offer, then found her at the altar and did as she asked.
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