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By Anonymous
All the comments about farming aside, is it worth picking this weapon up for a build or two or are there better alternatives?
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By Anonymous
I have 2 of these and messed around with them in pve and pvp a fair bit. My 2 cents:

+ its a curved sword. good moveset, especially the running and jumping multi-hit attacks

+ the ash of war is pretty good. its spinning slash+, and the magma puddles do a fair bit of damage when enemies are staggered by the spinning slash part and they zone out/stagger enemies with low poise so its somewhat safe to spam

+ fits well as a lighter weapon/side arm alternative in a str/fth build which is mostly composed of only heavier weapon classes - AR isn't anything too special, flame art bandit's curved sword faith in particular has comparable AR while having interchangeable AoW

- pain in the ****ing *** to farm, if you don't have the patience for it you are better off just getting one and infusing another curved sword with flame art as the only thing that you're really missing is the unique AoW

- 15 ****ing dex requirement despite being a str/fth weapon is annoying and misleading

Its been pointed out that the recommended stat allocation should be equal str/fth first (45/45 or 50/50) because the AoW scales with both the AR (spinning slash portion) and faith (magma puddles, fire damage for AR). Afterwards, Str has better scaling than fth.

All things considered, definitely a bit more trouble than what its worth when looking at it practically, but the glowing blades look cool, the AoW looks cool, and you get the show off the fact that you have one of the rarest weapons in the game.
By Anonymous
Lies. This weapon actually has a .0001% drop rate. I tried to farm this for two days straight. You’d have a better chance at acquiring the battle hammer from the duelist in Leyndell
By Anonymous
i unknowingly farmed the Black Dumpling head piece from that creepy guy after the elevator while i was farming this weapon. at least got that i guess!
By Anonymous
Got two of them within 20min with 110 discovery
By Anonymous
You are a god. Tell us what black magic you use.
By Anonymous
video, or it didn't happen.
By Anonymous
so, first sword i got it easily, second one i spent 2 hours no sword, then 3 hours again no sword, but many shi(t)eld then again 1and a half hour i finally got my 2nd one !!!
Then for the fun i did a last run and got a 3rd one, lol lmao
By Anonymous
holy molly, got the first blade easily, but thye second i'm still craving for :///
By Anonymous
In ng+7, 80 arc, dropped me 2 in 5 runs. Easy farm
By Anonymous
Took 33 tries (total of 66 snakes killed) for two to drop, used silver tear mask and silver foot with 37 arcane.
By Anonymous
Does this only drop when it is glowing?
By Anonymous
No. In any moment is possible
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By Stephetheon
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glad [REDACTED] reverted my edit that clarified which serpents could drop it.
genuinely glad someone adapted my edit into something more "palatable"
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