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By Anonymous
The fact that there's no rot ending is a damn shame, and a waste of such a cool concept.
By Anonymous
Ah, Millicent's questline is good enough for that. I hope we get that in DLC. Bc in metohrical point, Malenia and her back story is kind of in a shadow..
By Anonymous
Why is rotten breath twice as damaging as other sources on top of being an AOE and easier to apply??
By Anonymous
Anyone else really wish there was contact medicine for the rot swamps? Come on Miyazaki, you already know how to do this.
By Anonymous
For completeness's sake, assuming the given numbers are correct, both rot swamps do enough percent damage to kill you 3.6x over, plus 1440 for the Aeonia swamp (around 1 health bar with 40 vigor), and plus 5400 for the Lake of Rot (around 2 health bars at 60 vigor with Morgott's Rune). Not that the duration of the status matters a ton when the buildup is persistent.
By Anonymous
let yourself be consumed by the rot
By Anonymous
People who think that we need more rot spells and rot affinity Ash of Wars certainly haven't touched PvP at all
By Anonymous
Not like it matters since dupers have infinite rot bundles anyways
By Anonymous
My experience with ganks says we not only need rot, but also madness affinities.
By Anonymous
They also clearly haven't touched PvE either. The Rot tools that already exist in the game trivialize anything that isn't immune to it.
By Anonymous
To the Tarnished wishing for more madness... may Chaos take the world!
By Anonymous
I actually touched pvp, and instead of rot i think deathblight should be viable.
By Anonymous
the crimson from terraria
By Anonymous
Where rot infusion and rotten armament spell? Why is weapon rot so useless? Where are the cool rot spells like the ones that frenzy, ice, and bleed got? and the last, most important question… WHY DOESNT HAND OF MALENIA INFLICT ROT!!!!!
By Anonymous
Rotten breath be like
By Anonymous
The item description for Hand of Malenia reads:
"Blade built into Malenia's prosthetic arm.
Through consecration it is resistant to rot."

The blade is likely crafted of unalloyed gold.
By Anonymous
should scale off faith and all rot weapons get tiny faith scaling.
then you could put poison on one and us fai arc build who use stinky stuff can finally get some damn numbers.
By Anonymous
Indeed. It seems off that the Rotten Greatstaff has a fth scaling skill but no fth scaling on the weapon.
By Anonymous
Faith all ready has it all. Don't make the weapons unusable for the rest of the builds
By Anonymous
I just poked him with the Antspur Rapier, to apply Scarlet Rot once it was on I just kept my distance. It took 3 applications of the rot but it put him down.
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