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By Anonymous
People are sleeping on powerstanced lucernes. That L1 with the sweep and then the poke is very difficult to deal with in PVP, especially with the new 1.10 update
By Anonymous
Lucerne is back in full glory boys, let's ****ing go!!
By Anonymous
It now does pierce damage on light attacks, boys we can rejoice
By Anonymous
Why doesn't this do pierce damage by default from? Why do you have to hurt me this way?
By Anonymous
the damage is piss poor, they massacred my ds3 boy
By Anonymous
Give this a partizan r2 with blunt damage and we are SET baby
By Anonymous
It's funny you say that. The Spiked Spear from the Marionette soldiers actually does that exactly. It also deals bleed. I enjoy pairing it with the spiked palisade greatshield for double bleeding.
By Anonymous
Literally the best halberd.
By Anonymous
!!!This is the 2nd best weapon for Keen affinity, next to the Guardian's Swordspear!!!

That's absolute BS unfortunately, and that breaks my heart
By Anonymous
stealth dex build - who needs katanas when you have a dex scaling giant warpick
By Anonymous
Guardian Swordspear gets like 140 more AR. No reason to use any other halberd on a dex build.
By Anonymous
it's lighter, has lower stat requirements, a superior move set, synergizes with spear talisman, guard piercing, and bonus damage on horseback. AR isn't everything.
By Anonymous
easy to get, easy to use, very reliable - I may end up using other weapons a lot, but old faithful will always be there when I come back
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