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By Anonymous
my baby
By Anonymous
Polehammers return!!!
By Anonymous
I found this just north of Liurnia Highway North grace. There is a npc battle going on, it's hidden under a cart clutter.
By Anonymous
Glad they finally added a page for the polehammer
By Anonymous
Can you use this behind a shield?
By Anonymous
No. But you can do it with Naginata because of Japanese dev logic.
By Anonymous
you can use naginata behind a shield because it's in the 'spear' category, lucerne is a 'halberd'
By Anonymous
I really hope all three parts can be used instead of only the beak like in DS1.
By Anonymous
Shouldn't this do strike dmg?
By Anonymous
its a big spike on the end, dummy.
By Anonymous
There is a hammer and a spike but unfortunately we can only use the spike :(
By Anonymous
No lol
By Anonymous
It should but I don't think it does
By Anonymous
just to clarify since people don't know much about historical weapons, this weapon was likely NOT primarily used for piercing historically. the idea that the lucy was a "can opener" is a bit off. you see you would use the pointed ends only against chain links and gambeson to leave crippling wounds, but against heavy armor the spikes become a problem, they could pierce the armor for sure, but your weapon would also get stuck in the metal and it would be hard to remove and continue wielding. for this reason the hammer head was employed more in order to dent the living hell out of metal armor and break bones of the wearer. Furthermore, when it comes to dealing with Gambeson the spikes and penetrative power would not be as effective as a spear or a sword, thus it is a niche multipurpose weapon that excels in dealing with the full plate + two hander combo with spikes to use against lighter armored foes.
By Anonymous
Good ol' Lucy.
By Anonymous
The two handed moveset is SOOOO GOOOD with impaling thrust?? AWESOME
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