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By Anonymous
My pizza cutter with 25/25 STR/DEX Is not really stunning him in 3 Attacks with the tear Ash, Is that normal or.....
By Anonymous
For the boss that drops 100.000 runes, he’s actually weak IMO
By Anonymous
"It is not currently clear if Mohg, the Omen is... merely an illusion." - This Wiki

I propose that it's actually crystal clear, because the song that plays during this fight (and only during this fight) is literally titled 'Omen Illusion' on the soundtrack.

By Anonymous
Why is this dude immune to bleed, but the LORD OF BLOOD version of him isn't?
By Anonymous
Idk if it’s just me but this guy has more hp than the demigod it’s actually weird
By Anonymous
i killed him but died at the same time, got the skill that he drops but not the runes wtf...
By Anonymous
Most difficult part of the fight is the environment my fat Tarnished kept getting stuck on
By Anonymous
Tiche carries you
By Cursoon
He's definitely not immune to frostbite. I've proc'd it on him multiple times. Does around 1000 damage.
By Anonymous
moonsword + mimic tear and it did not proc frostbite on him :/
By Anonymous
That impossible you’re probably confusing this mogh with the real one
By Anonymous
The lord of blood is but not this one.
By Anonymous
Low level strat: Level greatshield soldier ashes, summon dung eater, allocate as many flasks as you dare into blueberry estus, and chain cast Rotten Breath.
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