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By Anonymous
"Mohg, the Omen is a powerful Omen" lol
By Jason2571
Apart from the delayed attacks, this guy is pretty fine to deal with.
By Anonymous
This guy is the ****ing worst. I'm on try 30 something at this point. On average, haven't gotten more than 5 hits in before another differently timed delayed attack catches a roll and combos to death in exactly 2 hits
By Anonymous
How���d you beat him?
By Anonymous
Indeed. Once you get the timing, all of his attack are the same timing. Dude just hit so hard you can't make a mistake
By Anonymous
I really wish this boss would stop spamming the gdamn pool spell I can’t get close and he has insane range I don’t know how to deal with him
By Anonymous
Does killing Mohg lock you into any of the endings? Would like to kill him but not if it prevents me from doing the Age of Stars ending.
By Anonymous
Killing Mohg here or in his main fight does not lock you out of anything, however, continuing downwards beyond the secret door in the arena and unlocking the door of the Three fingers will lock you into the Lord of Frenzied Flame ending as far as I am aware.
By Anonymous
You can undo the lock on the Lord of Frenzied Flame ending by using the Golden Needle on Malenia's Flower
By Anonymous
Poise can be broken, multiplayer is available, closest site of grace is Forsaken Depths, drops 75,000 runes and Bloodflame Talons incantation on defeat.
By Anonymous
The Erdtree's Favour +1 talisman is also found in a chest in the bossroom.
By Anonymous
As far as I can tell he is immune to all forms of damage over time effects, poison and rot do literally nothing to him
By Anonymous
Basically Nezuko-chan from demon slayer
By Anonymous
There's a special place in hell for this guy and his overhead smash. Unbelievable. The telegraphing for that move is AWFUL, and it catches every roll that is timed for a different attack.
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