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By Anonymous
This **** oneshots in pvp
99 int
talismans: both graven + magic scorpion + godfrey
terra magica
knowledge above all
both hands lusat
i just spam ramdom **** (colapsing stars works well bc the anymation is the same) and act like i dont want them to get close, when they get close charge this **** and instakill, and if not they will die due to magic downpour.
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By Azareis
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Of course it's going to one-shot players in PvP with that setup. You're stacking a trillion buffs and debuffs, and player characters are fragile...
By Anonymous
Combine with the Endure ash of war = Watch as helpless foes fail to contain the impending destruction.
By Anonymous
On a 45-45 int-faith PvP build, it sometimes doesn't even deal half the enemy's hp. For a spell with such long recovery time and cast speed, that's simply abysmal. I guess it could be good on a treebranch with the leaden hardtear and the crimsonwhorl, but still it only does as much as a simple rejection incantation would.
By Anonymous
Not a fan of the recovery time. Rather Fromsoft double the fp cost than have that slow *** recovery time. Other than that this spell is pretty great in the right hands. Death sorceries are probably the most misunderstood class of sorceries in the game. They kick *** if you know how they work and fully utilize them.
By Anonymous
Somebody invaded me with this sorcery, killed 2 hunters and 2 cooperators + me in a manner of seconds. I've got 50 vigor.
How is this **** so strong??
By Anonymous
A little rough getting hit with a powerstanced ultra greatsword jump attack during your anime af recovery animation but outside of that, S tier spell for me
By Anonymous
This spell kicks *** with the buffs. Throwing out ancient death rancor encourages people to try and rush you, and when you cast this afterwards it looks almost identical to zamor ice storm and people are caught off guard when they're blasted out of the air. The damage isn't anything craz, but being knocked on their *** and inflicted with frost surrounded by fire sends most into a panic, making for an easy finish with a death's poker or really anything else at all.

11/10 for psychological warfare, would commit war crimes again
By Anonymous
This combined with endure and ancient death rancor has been an unbeatable combo for me. I keep killing duelists and invaders with this . No loss so far. Amazing combo. And I’m a pretty **** pvp player so there’s that.
By Anonymous
They should lower the Faith requirements a little
By Anonymous
Horrible sorcerers will say this is a bad spell, good sorcerers know that there are nasty combos that include this spell...
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