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By Anonymous
Dual weilding these and being part of a 3 man gank squad is a true combo
By Anonymous
Maidenless activities foul tarnished
By Anonymous
Possibly my favorite weapon in the game and the reason I went from Faith to Dex/Faith

The AoW benefits from Lightning Scorpion Charm, Shard of Alexander, and Godfrey Icon because it's chargeable.

I have no input on PvP because I'm not interested in it, but if your power fantasy in this game is hurling lightning this, along with Keen affinity Thunderbolt, was way more fun IMO than pure Faith because you also have solid melee options as well.
By Anonymous
Don't forget the Lighting shrouding tear in your physik
By Anonymous
For power fantasy purposes using ancient dragon lightning strike on any thing even moderately large (like a tree sentinel) fells pretty ****ing cool imo
By Anonymous
Why it doesn't have faith scaling?! I wanted to make a cool flashy lightning warrior build, but due to it being mainly DEX my lightning dmg feels lacking compared to previous build.
By Anonymous
From probably realized that pure dex builds wouldn't really have anything going for them if lightning weapons weren't exclusive for them. Pure str builds gets greatshields and colossal weapons and you can still use katanas, curved swords etc. with heavy affinity. Pure dex builds without ligtning weapons has just ... hand of malenia and ornamental straight swords. And the regular weapons with keen affinity, but str build can use the same weapons with heavy.
By Anonymous
14 mar 23 okay, so, why not just do the INTELLIGENT thing and do both? Fire gets an infusion and weapons for both str and fth. Why doesnt lightning get any fth? Its total *******
By Anonymous
With a summon and the right talismans once upgraded enough, this thing turns astel into an absolute joke. Lmao
By Anonymous
Astel is an absolute joke regaurdless lol
By Higguma
The sit at the end of colosseum and spam your -80% hp ash. It's even more silly because it's on spears. Let's just say nobody is using this un-powerstanced. Unfortunately, even if you're spatially aware enough to not die to this, your teammates won't be.
By Anonymous
Invader sniper rifle
By Anonymous
People with faith builds whining because only 99% of the flashy weapons in the game require faith and this one doesn't
By Anonymous
Dex honestly needs the bolt of gransax, the god slayer greatsword and the hand of melania along with the lightning ashes of war. Without this, it would be objectively the worst stat in the game
By Anonymous
i mean, yeah. pure lightning builds are dead in ER. you cant make a 125 or even a 150 build without sacrificing melee or ranged lightning damage.
By Anonymous
Lightning doesn't have a dedicated melee weapon, while other affinities do. So yes, we will be salty all we want.
By Anonymous
This. Faith has the BB - the best weapon in the entire game by a country mile.
By Anonymous
I’m just mad that lightning as an element is so ****ed. You are required to go full melee or full caster with a lightning build, and not to mention only having 2 good ranged spells until either nokstella or forum azula if you don’t like frozen lightning spear
By Anonymous
The ash of war on this is bit too costly for what you get from it, A +25 Keen Great Knife with Thunderbolt can outperform this on a FP/damage ratio and is much faster to perform and vastly cheaper stamina wise. For a Legendary Armament to be outperformed by a generic dagger in it's unique aspect is a bit of a let down. If this costed 20FP it would at least be competitive enough to be interchangeable but currently if your target doesn't suffer knockdown from the charged shots then just use a great knife and and find a high DPS offhand weapon to use with the now free 7 units of weight.
By Anonymous
Use a Keen Urumi for Thunderbolt, Great Knife is a "Weak Keen" weapon so it has a lower multiplier then the Urumi which only has slightly less scaling but is classified as a "Strong Keen" weapon. You'll see about 4-5% more damage from it per bolt then you would with a Great Knife. This also applies to Lightning Ram as well.
By Anonymous
Bolt IS the second longest spear, though, that should count for something
By Anonymous
everyone saying this thing is a dex weapon, when technically it has higher ar on a quality build, still definitely usable as a dex weapon but technically it is a quality weapon
By Anonymous
Lightning scales with dex in this game. So ash of war doesn't benefit from strength
By Anonymous
This weapon should scale with faith so stupid that it doesn’t
By Anonymous
It actually doesn’t make sense to scale with faith in lore. It’s from a primeval power of the dragons. It doesn’t derive from the dragon cult. Dragons in Elden Ring are incredibly Dexterous. Also faith has 4 out of 9 legendary armaments
By Anonymous
Though I think the god slayer great sword should have been a faith primary rather than a dex primary. This is also the only dex legendary armament.
By Anonymous
I guess ancient dragons wint need to believe em self, they jut grab lightings out of thin air
We are literally holding a weapon once was lightin so yeet away
By Anonymous
Lightning in fromsoft games has always been associated with dex...
By Anonymous
Faith “players” when they realise that there’s a mildly interesting weapon that doesn’t scale with the cool religion stat
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