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By Anonymous
After you defeat Morgott at the base do the Erdtree in Leyndell, it opens a path for you in the city. From the Avenue Balcony grace, take the main highway in Leyndell northeast and eventually you should find a huge elevator guarded by demihumans. At the top theres a bridge that leads to the snow area and you can also get to the divine tower that activates Morgott's great rune
By Anonymous
First off, confusion
Then lost wretch
By Melonith
Holy **** every enemy kills me in like 4 hits here
By Anonymous
Four hits is a lot for a FromSoft game, you're hella tanky
By Demiga
There is also a Cerulean Amber Medallion +1 for me here.
By Anonymous
I can confirm that there is also a Somber Smithing Stone +8 in Castle Sol outside of the Church of the Eclipse Site of Grace when you exit the church towards the right. You can reach it by eliminating the two spectral castle guards who are sitting on the ramparts above attacking you from range and then carefully maneuver your character across a skinny wall of the church to the right of the first ladder on the path to the Cerulean Amber Medallion +1.
By Anonymous
So they keeping tortured albinaurics as some kind of alarm? And amputated/malformed ones as guard dogs. Tragic fate for them.
By Anonymous
Phantom knights will teleport right behind you and be like "nothing personal kid" before comboing you to death.

Jolly good fun
By Anonymous
I keep having some glitch where the lion guardian freezes for 5 seconds and all of a sudden there’s two, realllly annoying. Also anyone I summon gets sent home in the middle of the fight, not having this issue anywhere else in the game.
By Anonymous
I was able to get a second Stormhawk Axe from this area (the first coming from the Fortified Manor in Leyndell). On the building housing the painting, there's a hawk on the other side of the wall on the roof with a corpse by it.
By Anonymous
This place is mostly okay other than the teleporting knights. There's one that has dual swords though- Maidin' Maidenless Mike AKA The Mad **** AKA The Bicurious Blender AKA Wumbo Cumbo. That one has like an at least 8 hit(or hits-until-I-revive) combo and will combine it with teleporting behind you. Dude's worse than the actual boss of the area. I guess you could just parry him though.
By Anonymous
He's my favorite Ashe, Banished Knight Oleg. He works wonders when upgraded.
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