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By Anonymous
Don't mind me, just walking through comet azur.
By Anonymous
So this is the Crystal Tear you want to use when fighting Gankers as an invader. Dodge the Moonveil - Blasphemous Blade spammers or get some HP back.
By Anonymous
Just goes to show how much FS hates mages. This + Erdtree Greatshield (or any shield with Carian Retaliation).
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By Chanchi
By Anonymous
God, isn't it enough that the entire difficulty of the game is invalidated for mages? You want people to have nothing to deal with them huh?
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By Xunyll
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Do you NOT want mages to have counters? Did you really expect that you could steamroll over everyone? >.>
By SABrenton
That like dislike ratio more than tells you what people think of your hot take lmao.
There's a reason "Easy mode" is called use magic.
By Anonymous
It is certainly enjoyable to slowly walk through spells that would normally two-shot you.
By Anonymous
This + any non 100% greatshield = immortality
By Anonymous
Elemental fingerprint greatshield???
By Anonymous
It seems bugged with Purifying Crystal Tear? DId a fight with Mohg and drank this before Nihil, my hp was recovering the whole fight whenever he did damage to me
By Anonymous
I literally just experienced this myself as well. Crimsonwhorl on absolute roids.
By Anonymous
basically a free full heal off of mage spam
By Anonymous
Mage tears
By Anonymous
On the map, if you zoom all the way in, it's actually slight west (left) of where it is on the map link.
By Anonymous
The directions here are terrible to follow. Let me give you a better one that isn't confusing.

On the landmass that the Church of Repose is located, start at the 'Foot of the Forge' site of grace and move to the most north-eastern part of that mountain, past the giant Fingercreeper. The item is at the end of a narrow passage along the north-eastern cliff that is infested with small Fingercreepers.
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