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More like *******,Stars of Darkness
By Anonymous
I love sitting on the ground for 5 seconds so he can hit me with a wake up 1 shot every time he sneezes on me. I never got the impression that From outsourced their boss mechanics to another company until now.
By Anonymous
Black knife +9
Carian filigreed crest
Shard of alexander
Pearldrake and spelldrake talismans +2

Keep your distance and use blade of death from the knife
By Anonymous
This boss is a coding bug, why else would they do this.
By Anonymous
As a noob, I'll do my best give some tips that might help with your struggles.

1. For its charged blast, it's pretty difficult to dodge it. So I recommend a light shield with high magic and physical defence (I used Silver Mirrorshield) to counter it. You could also seek cover behind fragile stalagmites(So only at the start of fight) which somehow shields you.

2. For its tail whips, I recommend sprinting diagonally to close distance while Astel misses its hits. Shields are viable too.

3. For its AOE "grab attack" where you get launched into air then insta-killed by Newton's 3rd Law(Basically death by being slammed into ground), you can actually "dodge" it with i-frames. I *think* the timing is right after it does its chomp.

4. For its teleport then suprise grab attack, I recommend walking towards it then aim to dodge behind its claws.

5. I'm certain you can survive the grab attacks, but you will need at least 1600hp (Might be inaccurate) without taking buffs/debuffs and talismans into consideration.

6. For meteorites attack, just use shields. It will probably break your poise but will increase your chances of survival.

7. No clue how to dodge its final phase change attack(10× Astel clones), think I accidentally skipped them by killing it quickly.

8. Can't give much tips on attacks, but for melee(Uchi for reference), I spammed Unsheathe on its head next to its claw(Not directly inside its claws) to maximise dmg and poise breaks.
For dragon communion build, I spammed Ezykes Decay while maximising my distance from it(Preferably not in front due to its chained pincer attacks).
By Anonymous
got instantly killed at 99 vigor, full bull goat armor, and 65% damage negation plus the magic talisman to his grab attack like 6 times. it is absolutely impossible to live through this attack. But perhaps myself using my mimic tear summon causes the boss to deal 50% more damage
By Anonymous
I died multiple times with a STR/FTH build, and then I used rebirth for an optimized Wing of Astel+9 build. Used Golden Greatshield and the typical damage increasing talisman / flask mix. This boss melted surprisingly fast with the ash of war in combination with the damage increase to gravity type enemies. It was extremely easy then and I beat him on my first try.
By Anonymous
I used maxed Lion Bow, mimic and spammed Radahn's Rain with Radahn's Spear arrows about 10-15 times. Got my damage resistance pretty high with talismans, crab, potions and Bull Goat, so the grab took like 60% hp. 40 vig 60 end and just enough str/dex for most weapons and ate an arc. This way the fight was easy, but before putting all this on I died quite a few times.
By Anonymous
I know it gets a lot of hates, but weirdly enough this guy is not immune to hemorrhage, so if you want to melt him and get over it you can use dual seppuku, it works wonder. Oh and he's "strong" against it but 252 is not that high at this part of the game. I beat him in NG+3, level 150, dual seppuku, spelldrake talisman +2, oppaline hardtear for his magic damage and dragoncrest greatshield for his physical damage. And no summons, if that matters.
By Anonymous
Oh boy i love a boss that abuses my two favorite things, AOE spam that requires basically perfect timing to avoid and instadeath grab attacks that guarantee death if you screw up even once!
By Anonymous
This really is a difficult boss and the camera adds to that difficulty. Target locking the head is disorientating because of the way it moves around when you are underneath him and close enough to hit the f**ker right in its weak spot.

For my second attempt I switched to the godslayer's greatsword, the weapon art and black flame ritual worked wonders in decimating its health bar. The queen's black flame is perfectly manageable without needing a target lock for good damage and repeated casts of black flame ritual if you are close enough will stagger it, but there wont be much time to get to the orange glow for the criritcal hit.
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