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By Anonymous
Hooray for reused bosses...
By Anonymous
The amount of copy pasting in this game is nuts. The game being open world definitely lowers the amount of actual creativity.
By Anonymous
Hes also found beside grand cloister in the ainsel river well. the cave on the mountains is his secondary location where he seems to be higher stated
By Anonymous
That's a different boss. That's Astel, Naturalborn of the Void. This is Astel, Stars of Darkness.
By Anonymous
where naturalborn of the void
By Anonymous
This is such a lazy reuse of an already horrible boss, do better fromsoft
By Anonymous
There are so many unique bosses in this game, there are only two like this. I was happy with the chance to fight this boss again tbh.
By Anonymous
while lazy i thinks its so people who didnt do rannis quest get to fight him, cause otherwise you never get to the other astel
By Anonymous
worse than the proper fight, **** tier arena
By Anonymous
Drops Meteorite of Astel and something like 120k souls
By Anonymous
recycled boss thanks miyazaki
By Anonymous
This guy has the most obnoxious set of AoE spells in any recent From game.
By Anonymous
skill issue
By Anonymous
What's the difference between this boss and Naturalborn of the Void? Are they the same being?
By Anonymous
this one is 1000x more ****
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