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By Anonymous
Does the Spitit proc bleed?

By Anonymous
that's the hole point of his sorry ashes
By Anonymous
For some reason I can’t summon this guy anywhere.. Costs 95 FP while I have 125, so that’s not the issue. I can summon Mr. Jelly just fine.

Am I missing something?
By Anonymous
the game wasn't programmed to let you summon anywhere, you have to be near a rebirth monument (a statue of Marika)
By Anonymous
this thing wont attack the god devouring serpent. it just sits there doing nothing after you summon it.
By Anonymous
���Well no wonder, he���s got lava all underneath him.
By Anonymous
He's a little dumb sometimes, but when he gets going he seems alright.
Def not suitable for open world summoning cuz he doesn't follow you, and has to aggro on bosses. Probably not worth the effort compared to other summons.
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By zeeningg
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absolutely, wasted like 10 minutes and then said screw it and pulled the ice dragon as this idiot contuined to run clean across the entire lake to attack jellyfish WHILE fighting the damn dragon and screw around
By Anonymous
I just maxed him cause we share a name lol (minus the h tho)
By Anonymous
Elden Ring really got Flo from Progressive��� playing to spread the good word of auto insurance? ����
By Anonymous
Lmao @anon mentioning "Progressive"
By Anonymous
My +7 Floh practically soloed the double Cleanrot Knights in the Abandoned Cave. I only did about half an hp bar of damage to one of them with my character, then they just died b/c my spirit summon is insane, lol

Don't sleep on this guy, everyone is talking about Lhutel and Omenkiller but Bloodhound Knight Floh is absolutely vicious
By Anonymous
I've only heard people talk about Lhutel, haven't seen Omenkiller as much as Black Knife Tiche which I'm currently using... Tiche is absolutely foul and can solo bosses since she has a crazy strong DoT that's super accurate, has super long range and she's constantly flipping all over the place and therefore doesn't take any damage lol. I'll try BH Knight and see how he compares but hard to imagine a better summon than Mimic Tear or Tiche. Oleg is underrated and pretty good for multi-target CC as well if you haven't tried him yet.
By Anonymous
My suggestion is get about 4 to max or near max, and adjust as you need. Lhutel is good for defensive fights where you mostly want an ally to pull targets off you. Omenkiller is great for staggers. Tiche is fast and hits hard, so she can evade and tear at single opponents easily. Floh is good for when you need to just keep mauling a boss and try to burn them down FAST.
By Anonymous
Ive got all my summons to 9 or 10, best so far have been Tiche, Radahn soldiers, Avionette Soldiers and Greatshield. Looking forward to tryin this guy out
By Anonymous
The icon looks like omae wa mou shindairu meme
By Anonymous
Incredibly good for drawing aggro. You summon and he rushes into action and is very aggressive. Teleports too.
By Anonymous
I cant summon this dude. I have enough FP and i have the summon icon appearing. It has a line over it showing i cant summon it but i can summon other spirits
By Anonymous
Possible you don't have the max go? That or glitch. Keep in mind even without that bluish icon showing you can summon sometimes. Maybe something that needs an update