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By Anonymous
1 lvl easy mode:
Marionette Soliders +7
Serpent Bow +10
2 * Serpent Arrow
8 * Arrow
By Anonymous
why the **** does this dog have more stance than most enemies in the entire game.

i swear this game is a testament to bad video game design

nothing is balanced with the rest of the items
By Anonymous
I spawn Marionette Solider Ashes and dodge around watching it get pummeled by that barrage of arrows because I already beat this boss like 40 hours ago so bleh.
By Anonymous
Another copypaste boss with no reward :(
By Anonymous
Nvm I didn't notice he was guarding a deathroot
By Anonymous
This boss is stupid. This is why I hate elden ring. Dodge 14 times to unlimited stamina and stupidity with magic, stupid reach, huge jumps, never lets up. Barely pauses, you don't get to punish it (but it can punish you tee hee we good game designers), you just boringly dodge it over and over again. You just keep mashing dodge over and over to pad out the time of how weak the boss is and how lame the dungeon to get here is. I didn't even die to it, it's just lame.
By Anonymous
Man you just described every boss in the souls series
By Anonymous
Replier Pov: It's your first Souls game, but you like it so you can't stand any criticism of it.
By Anonymous
Sounds liek maybe these games just aren't for you?
By Anonymous
skill diff
By Anonymous
Skill issue
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By EvilUnicornLord
I honestly would have preferred a copypaste of the Dark Souls 3 greatwolves over this thing several times.
By Anonymous
When I first fought him in the academy, I thought it was a cool twist/callback to Sif. Then they ruined it by shamelessly copying it three times. Why...
By Anonymous
Lore wise, the Champions of first Liurnian wars are given red wolves as rides
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Sep 16, I made it up :P
By Anonymous
this reskin is almost worse than godefroy
By Anonymous
This boss took extra electric damage