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By Anonymous
The vaccine we needed
By Camajam
This nomadic vendor sells the "white" version, seems less potent.
By Anonymous
the white version lasts for 3 minutes instead of 60 seconds
By Anonymous
White version gives +75 for 2 minutes, not 3 minutes
By arhammahra
100 points of increase, white version increases by 75 points.
By Anonymous
Lasts 60 seconds. Takes 25 seconds for initial bar to wear off. You get 35 seconds. Thanks fromsoft.
By TheWyrmLord
If you are walking through rot and using boluses the initial amount ultimately doesn't really matter, since you'll be wiping it away.
By Anonymous
Immunity is worthless, instead of making the buildup slower it just makes the bar bigger which fills up at the same rate and takes longer to wear off.
By Anonymous
This bugged me since Dark Souls 1
By Anonymous
Best used together with something that can cure ailment statuses/buildup as well. No point in wasting 25 seconds waiting for the initial bonus buildup to dissipate. Combined it will make area's like Lake of Rot easy to deal with.
By Anonymous
Lake of Rot is easy with the following: Gear: Mushroom Set (243 Immunity) from Sweetwater Cave. Talismans: Erdtree's Favor, Mottled Necklace+1, Immunizing Horn+1. Shield: Spiralhorn Shield (50 to Immunity + Robustness + Focus), Two Finger Seal with Flame Cleanse Me, Preserving Boluses (Cures Rot), Immunizing Cured Meat (100 Immunity 60s)