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Does anyone know where this is?
By Anonymous
the hitbox tho :/
By Anonymous
Found in the secret deep pits behind the altar in Mogh the Omen's lair.
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By Kuruso
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This person is correct, bot sure who downvoted you.
By Anonymous
Where is the secret deep pits?
By Anonymous
Basically in the Capital City sewers whild squeezing through a bunch of pipes you encounter Mogh for the first or 2nd time (it was my 2nd time fighting him). If you beat him (and hes much harder than the other mogh fight as the arena is really small and you get stuck and camera fked everywhere) the altar opens up and reveals a passage. There you get the spell jumping down the tombstones. You can only enter after the Margott fight in the capital city right after the champion boss fight (the easy golden spirit dude with an axe)
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FYI this is worthless against anything other than human enemies and invaders. because madness only effects human enemies.
By Anonymous
This spell is basically a one hit kill if it connects i used it on a NPC invader and it dealt 3k damage and might have had more to give. For reference a player with 40 vig and a Erd Tree's Favor +1 talisman has 1500 hp exactly without any great rune active
By Anonymous
Uppdate: yes it had more to give hit another NPC invader for 4400
By Anonymous
For some reason it scales with your RHand weapon and not the seal, so if you have a weapon that has big dmg it will hit hella hard, and on top of that it will prob taht weapons status affects
By Anonymous
What seal are you using?
By Anonymous
The spell can be found past the cathedral of the forsaken on the way to three fingers to get the Frenzied flame ending
By Anonymous
Apparently this spell is bugged. The devs didnt learn from Sacred Flame and spell takes your right hand weapon AR and even procs it's status effects as well.
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