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By Anonymous
Purchased from Sellena after her quest chain is finished.
8000 runes
Has decent tracking and will peirce enemies, dealing multiple hits. Against a large opponent like a dragon one cast of this, all hits did about as much damage as 2-3 Glintstone Pebbles. Because of the tracking its hard to gauge range but it seems to be about he same as the Glintstone Pebble, maybe a little less.
By Anonymous
Obtained from purchasing from sorceress sellen at the end of her questline if choosing to side with her.

The projectiles spin and have decent homing, hitting repeatedly for pretty significant damage the larger the boss

By Anonymous
By Anonymous
If you side with Sellen in her quest she will sell this afterwards.
By Anonymous
Obtained by purchase from sellen after completing her questline. You must side with Sellen at the end in order to complete quest with the ending to get this.
By Anonymous
Anyone know how to find this one?
By Anonymous
you have to complete sorceress selen' questline and help her out at raya lucaria library
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By Anonymous
is this any use in pvp or just look cool for pve ? is the damage to magic cost scaling even good or is it another crystal barrage *** teir spell
By Anonymous
I use this to control the tempo in PvP. It needs to be dodged for so long you can set up the real attack as they are burning stamina
By Anonymous
Absolute boss killer. Hands down the most powerful sorcery that I've used so far. Helped me burn down the twin gargoyles and the godskin duo. This thing is a beast. I wish that there was an improved one like most of the other sorceries seem to have. But I guess that could be gamebreaking...
By Anonymous
Since it's at the very end of Sellen's quest line, it makes more sense for it to be a top-of-the-line master-level sorc without an upgrade
By Anonymous
Finally a spell that doesnt suck worse than glintstone pebble

soo few and far between. and i wanted to cast this since the first time i saw it casted at me in Sellia the town of sorcery
By Anonymous
Actually Glintstone Icecrag is the better and direct upgrade to Pebble. It not only does more damage and costs only 12 FP but it also inflicts Frostbite which eats chunk of enemy hp (you can reset it with fire bomb) and debuffs them
By Anonymous
Kind of Ironic that the Ash of War: Glintstone Pebble and its sibling Glintstone Dart are absolute monster skills.
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