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By Anonymous
We have seppuku at home after 1.07: fires deadly sin, powerstance cold weapons with chilling mist on both
By Anonymous
i dont care about the glitches, this is the most metal incantation in the game
By Anonymous
Unobtainable after defeating Maliketh
By Anonymous
IGNs favorite spell
By Anonymous
I'm guessing the game has been completely pieced apart but this having nothing to do with burning the erdtree has erred me tremendously
By Anonymous
This has everything to do with burning the erdtree. This is labeled fire monk incantation but it should actually be in the prophets burning the Erdtree incantation... just like catch flame and flame sling. These are all predictions the erdtree will burn and why the prophet starting class, corhyn and possibly Goldmask, are Tarnished and exiled. These incantations do not receive a buff from Giants seal.
By Anonymous
It's for burning the original Mohgine dynasty headquarters
By Anonymous
A kid tried to kill me with this incantation and the bleed glitch, but my +140 robustness talisman and my good amount of HP were enough to survive and he died a minute later. Don't be scared of this incantation guys, don't panic dodge and just attack.
By Anonymous
"Dont be scared of this incantation guys, just be perfectly prepared for it at all times since you never know when youll need it, even though you might be getting invaded by twinks using it so you wont be able to be prepared for it even if you tried"
By Anonymous
anyone using this with bloodflame blade is getting a law of regression to the dome piece
By Anonymous
Appropriate response. I just spam my bleed spewing Pulley Crossbow while I keep my distance
By Anonymous
law of regression is a joke becaus its way to expensive.. u always lose more fp then ur enemie even if he reapplies his buffs
By Anonymous
anyone know what charging it does?
By Anonymous
Increases the damage of the initial explosion, increases the damage (And self damage) of the burn effect.
By Anonymous
This should increase the fire damage you deal by a fair bit, would make it worth more than exploit cheese
By Anonymous
It can knock players off ladders!
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