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By Anonymous
POV: You really, REALLY want to pretend you're good at PvP
By Anonymous
POV: You really, REALLY want to get attention from community
By Anonymous
I stg everytime i use this i find some new stupid bugged interaction with it
By Anonymous
Two things about this spell. One, it removes the frostbite debuff from your enemies so you can frostbite them again. Two, if your weapon has a debuff on it, the damage over time applies it. Bleed, frost, poison, bloodflame, blackflame, maybe even rot. This seems like a meme spell, but it's possible to make it work.
By Anonymous
It's not mentioned anywhere that you can actually charge this spell. It causes it to do about double damage, based on very, very little testing. This increases the damage you put out and how much you take. The amount you take might not quite be doubled, but it is enough to start burning through the Blessed Dew Talisman's regen faster than it can reasonably keep up.
By Anonymous
you can mitigate it with the frenzy scream spell and also just learned from pvp that if you have a weapon with bloodflame blade it gradually builds up bleed damage to foes
By Anonymous
this thing has more bugs attached to it than a wormface
By Anonymous
So don’t think anyone else has commented on this but FDS actually causes blood loss to build up. Had it used against me and used on others and PvE. PvP takes around 5 seconds full exposure to proc around the same for PvE.

Combine FDS with blood flame on a buffable bleed weapon and you can proc like every 3 seconds. Raddon almost didn’t go second phase on me it’s that fast.
By Anonymous
Okay Ymfah and Backlogs, you've done your Immolation only DS2 runs, now do your Elden Ring Fire's Deadly Sin Only runs
By Badgerpunk
tested self damage Jan 12 2023
charged cast deals 328, 8.2/sec for 40 sec
tapcast deals 246, 6.15/sec for 40 sec
unaffected by incant scaling, max hp, and fire resist, including negative absorptions from soreseals and scorpion charms
- - -
if using this to set up red feathered branch sword:
vigor / max hp / casts needed
1-9 / 262-410 / charged x1
9-18 / 394-615 / tapcast x2
16-25 / 528-820 / charged x2
25-35 / 783-1230 / charged x3
32-47 / 1050-1640 / charged x4
45-99 / 1575-2460 / charged x6
By Anonymous
Interesting. I don't know why u would use fds to proc rfbs since bloody slash already exists
By Anonymous
At lvl 300+ you start doing crazy ****. I got bored and wanted to see if i could make an effective frost build as a faith/arcane hybrid, yes i know it sounds crazy but hear me out...

I call this the "stupid turtle" because it requires zero INT investment...With 80/80 faith/arc and only 9 int, a +24 cross naginata has 104 frostbite build up and 45 blood loss....its very high.
Now, i know im gunna get some hate for this, but....

Fires deadly sin with a frost cross naginata infused with chilling stacks frostbite STUPID fast....with this build i use an eclipse crest shield and guard boost talisman...i can shield poke with a naginata that has 104 frostbite, plus the chilling mist buff, AND the frost ticks from FDS...this absolutely WRECKS malenia... im talking back to back frostbites, 30-40% health chunks in a matter of 60 seconds or so...the instant frost reset of FDS is broken as hell and rising frost resistance means absolutely nothing to this build because the status is being applied in ungodly amounts....if you really wanna be toxic use poisonous mist with FDS before the frost procs and youve got poison flames....
Now i have to say this, i do NOT use this in PVP its a surefire way to get an exploded sure others know about this build but i just wanted to share my exp, its really fun to co op with this build. Stay frosty my friends!

This seems worth mentioning, FDS WILL apply on hit effects of your weapon, IE weapon buffs like poisonous mist AOW, chilling mist AOW, bloodflame still works,and blackflame blade, they all apply to the ticks of FDS. You can apply black flame debuff through FDS and drain HP like a vampire.the possibilities with this are endless.IIRC you can even buff with lightning and deal lightning damage through the FDS flames. Havent tested that recently but i know it used to apply lightning damage.
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