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By Anonymous
I don’t care if it isn’t really useful in any situations, pve or pvp, it’s just so cool
By Anonymous
ran into some guy named melina in colloseumwho pointed at the erdtree and then casted this
By Anonymous
So the Fire Monk seal should buff this then?
By Anonymous

So i have to sacrifice let's say a black flame protection to use this spell and damage my self over time instead of giving myself a 35% damage negation.

I can't find the right words to put to this spell. Wouldn't it be better to just delete this from the game
By Anonymous
why? you don't have to use it and somebody like me is happy with just that burning effect..
By Anonymous
Fun combo, use this, then cast Zamor Ice Storm underneath big enemies and repeatedly proc Frostbite.
By Anonymous
200 iq
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By Arthurice
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Since the bug has been fixed, I can now unironically use this alongside Bloodflame Blade without feeling like a nonce for doing so. If I'm being completely honest though, it was kind of cool to see two buffs that synergize together in a way that isn't related to numbers stacking multiplicatively with each other, and I hope in future titles From attempts to reuse the concept in an intentional and balanced way, rather than in a completely unintended and broken way.
By Anonymous
fires deadly sin deals 3 or 4 damage every 0.5 seconds (depending on if you charged it or not) it doesn’t scale with faith but can be increased with stuff like fire scorpion charm, wondrous physick FLAME-SHROUDING CRACKED TEAR, oil pot for a single hit of the flame.
By Anonymous
The name of this spell is so cool. Sounds like a heavy metal band.
By Anonymous
I have a crazy build in mind with this spell and Prelettes Charge
By Anonymous
Everyone talks about fires deadly and status efectes like bloodflame and death blight, but who remembers this with golden retailiation? Every time u got hurt from fires deady you could shoot the homing holy missle.
By Anonymous
that was my second character's build, I had a duel against an invader using the same thing lol
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