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By Anonymous
You receive this sorcery from Lusat, as part of "sorceress sellen"'s quest line, He is hidden away in 'Sellia Hideaway' a dungeon hidden behind an illusory wall. You need the sealbreaker given by the 3rd step of the quest to get to him, and receive this spell
By Anonymous
Thanks for repeating what the guide already told us. A+
By Anonymous
A lot of guides did not have any info on march 3rd
By Anonymous
Looks cool. Way too high fp cost for the damage though.
By Anonymous
try leveling mind you noob
By Anonymous
"Okay" damage and good tracking but it's slow wind up time and high FP cost makes this one a tough sell. Might be decent in PvP to force a lot of rolls
By Anonymous
At some point FP cost doesn't matter due to high stats and having 10 magic flasks. This spell is great for the damage it does for how fast it casts, tracking, and how fast it moves in the air. Combine with the charge spell talisman and you can cast this facing any direction. It's also great for horseback battles since it had ok range and you can cast it while facing opposite direction.
By Anonymous
It has a niche in enemies that you can target weakpoints in, like Dragons, as its long range and excellent tracking make hitting them very effective. In PvE against rolling enemies the tracking and delayed nature of the later shots means it can easily hit rolling enemies - they only dodge the first firing of the spell and not the rest. I don't know about its effectiveness against enemies that use guard however.

Most high-INT-requiring spells tend to be very FP inefficient. They're only practical to use with extensive Mind investment, typically to ensure you have enough FP to cast them at least 4-5 times continuously without needing to down a Cerulean pot. Generally they're really only better than Glintstone Pebble due to higher DPS, additional effects like superior poise/guard breaking (Rock Sling), better ability to defeat dodging enemies (Night Comet), or inflicting status effects (Renalla's Full Moon/Ranni's Dark Moon, Night Maiden's Mist, Adula's Moonblade).
By Anonymous
It's INCREDIBLE for PVP. You cannot dodge enough to dodge all the shots it is guaranteed good damage and can outright one-shot players if they don't spam roll lol
Outside of that you can spam this with the infinite FP physick against highly mobile bosses that you cant use Comet Azur or Astel's Meteor against.
By Anonymous
tips: this spell can be charged, thus can benefit from effect that increases charged attack
By WhoaDang
The Axe Talisman does not change the damage, this is not an "attack", its a spell. I do 1090 with or without it.
By Anonymous
WhoaDang this spell benefits from Godfrey's icon not the Axe talisman.
By Anonymous
Not easy to dodge, they track pretty well and the charged version has bigger projectiles. Not a lot of damage though either, dealt 1100 unchanged and 1350 charged. For a quarter of the fp, magic glintblade dealt 560 uncharged and 608 charged
By Anonymous
Apparently this spell counts as an 'invisible sorcery' for the Staff of Loss. Can anyone verify this?
By Anonymous
Just tested. Does not seem to be the case.
By Anonymous
I'm personally not a fan of this spell and I've been a caster since unlocking the ability to respec on my first playthrough. It has a pretty high fp cost, a pretty big windup time, especially if you're charging it and a bit lacking in the damage department when you compare it to other mid-to-end game spells. I will say however that it does have pretty great tracking and the projectiles are pretty damn fast so it's not a complete waste, plus they have a pretty good range on them too compared to some other spells like Comet or Full Moon/Ranni's Dark Moon. No idea how it works in PvP though, I've never gotten the opportunity to test it against other players yet. Who knows- maybe a better player than I can figure out how to use it better, I'd just rather slot Carian Phalanx or Comet or Crystal Burst over this spell.
By Anonymous
It's really great for PVP as it's almost guaranteed damage due to the tracking and number of projectiles. PVE it's actually really strong for hyper-mobile bosses to spam with the infinite FP physick since you can't do good damage with comet azur or meteor sorceries on those. Definitely niche for PVE.
By Anonymous
single most op spell. you cant roll it. you cant outrun it. you cant block it. and it's one hit 40 vigor at high levels.
By Anonymous
Sorry mate but you do can dodge roll it.
By Anonymous
Sorry buddy you don't can't doge roll it as at least one the 12 stars will hit you betwen i-frames
By Anonymous
roll twice to the side, get hit by 0-2 stars, taking about the same damage as from pocket sand. if you are low HP however, you've basically lost at that point (same as pocket sand)
By Anonymous
Ya know Lusat, for being a "primeval" sorcerer or whatever, your spell is pretty bad.
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