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Anon 11 Dec 2022 21: 21 "I love mage tears" well you and FROMSOFT are the same then, but they 100% hate Intelligence and Arcane so much more lol
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"Repeated testing shows that it is not possible to fully dodge this sorcery with a standard roll" that's very inaccurate, as it's super easy to dodge (e.g. all you have to do is run left or light or roll twice and you'll take absolutely no damage.

"This sorcery becomes much more viable as a PvP sorcery if the character has the FP to use it regularly" that def. is not true at all anymore, since it is the worst pvp spell now.

"high tracking, high poise damage" that's not true at all, since it has horrid tracking and basically deals zero poise damage (at least in pvp)

FROM hates intelligence & arcane as they are constantly nerfing it... once a nerf is made, Elden Ring becomes that much less enjoyable.
By Anonymous
to fix INT, "FROM" needs to make all Space, Blood and Death only / specifically related to Intelligence. For example, why on earth is Eclipse Shotels a faith weapon when it's literally referencing an Eclipse??? plus Destined Death, Deathblight, Deatg lighting,
Death Sorceries, God Slaying attacks should be for INT only... it doesn't make sense that Faith has so many good holy healing / abilities and still be the a stat needed to make a necromancer build (i.e Faith def. can't... like ugh it gives migraines that you MUST have Faith to make a death build... and how you need 50 Faith of elden stars... ouch ouch ouch...
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Funny how mage indtead of using legendary as to rely strictly on beginners/low lvl spell due to nerf cause of pvp.
Wish they do the same for weapons for melee class See how they react..
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Anon 20 Jan 2023 4:10…… ELDEN RING IS ONLY ABOUT FAITH, it has absolutely nothing to do with intelligence, Faith has all the best star attacks (wave of gold looks like northern lights, Faith has the coolest and strongest version of the moonlight greatsword, Faith has MASSIVE/ beautiful lightning bolts in there hands while… Int has super easy to dodge blue or white swords??? Faith has Elden Stars which makes intelligence completely loose it’s identity, Faith has dragons, Faith has healing, and FAITH = Death, deathblight, death sorceries, destined death (black/red flames), god slaying incantations (black/white flames another nope of necromancy that drains health. I can on and on, but there’s no point, there’s no point in making an INT build when you can just make a Faith build. Ouch
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I wanted to make a Touhou build but this spell seems bad now, sad! It's supposed to be a legendary sorcery so it should be very powerful
By Anonymous
Single charged cast 3460 damage against MoG Erdtree Avatar
-No crown
-Terra magica
-magic-shrouding cracked tear
-Lusat’s staff at 88 int.
-graven school talisman
-magic scorpion charm
-Godfrey Icon

Comet (not Azur):
Single charged cast 2385 damage against MoG Erdtree Avatar
-same variables as above

Stars of Ruin does significantly higher damage (at least against this enemy) even without the crown and without the optimal bonuses. People who are saying this is trash are pre-nerf whiners who are mad they can’t cheese in PvP anymore.

By Anonymous
I love mage tears
By Anonymous
Man Stars of Ruin has been Stars of Ruined
By Anonymous
Simple Glinstone spells deal better damage and are more mana efficient in PVE, it's total trash to use as of 1.07.
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