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By Anonymous
The stagger damage of this skill is very high, some enemies will have their stance broken in a single hit.
By Anonymous
This ability is insane at breaking guard and staggering enemies and some bosses for easy criticals.
By Anonymous
this ash of war is broken : it break the stance of boss, each 2 to 3 use of the skill.
By Anonymous
This skill is absolutely OP

Does INSANE posture damage to bosses and will stun them in 1 - 2 hits

Im using it on my Uchigatana and its like having the power and posture break of a Colossal class weapon charged R2 but still being able to use quick katana attacks, its absolutely broken.

By Anonymous
can confirm, especially in the earlier game, every trash is instantly staggered and most bosses or mini bosses need like 2 attacks to be staggered
By Anonymous
The boss stagger is definitely questionably good. But for how long it takes to get off this skill, I feel it's posture damage is fine against smaller enemies.

On the long list of OP and Broken **** in this game. I wouldn't even put this in the top 5 right now.
By Anonymous
What whetblade do I need to have the Heavy affinity for this?
By Anonymous
The Iron Whetblade. You get it behind a stonesword key wall in a room right next to the Grafted Scion miniboss.
By Anonymous
The Iron Whetblade. You get it behind a stonesword key wall in a room right next to the Grafted Scion miniboss.
By Anonymous
Iron Whetblade
By Anonymous
Any tricks to killing this invisible scarab?
By Anonymous
I got it using a bow if that helps.
By Anonymous
Using the Hoarfrost stomp makes it easy. Just look at the route it takes and then anticipate
By Anonymous
try the ice stomp
By Anonymous
Figure out a long straight in its route, stand at the end of it with dragon breath and blast once it aprpaoched
By Anonymous
glintblade phalanx and the other blade srorceries will just fire off when it gets in range and reveal it
By Anonymous
Get big sword. use heavy attack while mounted. The thing will get hit with one of the smaller hits
By Anonymous
Mine has completely disappeared. It seems to be stuck in the ground somewhere. I can hear it, but it's not moving or leaving any trail.
By jhc24
Use night maiden's mist / dragon breaths for the easiest time with invisible scarabs.
By Anonymous
I just used wild strikes, pretty common default ash on axes so you don't need to do anything special. Spinning chain from a flail would probably be even better if you've got one.
Love this skill. On my semi-mage build this has been a vital part of it thus far.
By Anonymous
Anyone knows if it scales with Faith or something?
By Anonymous
Yes and no. The normal Fire Arts should take the Weapon Scaling STR+DEX. But if you get the Red Hot Whetblade you can use the Flame Art Scaling, which is -STR, -DEX +FTH. That one scales with Faith. You can take the Flame Arts for EVERY Weapon Art that is either Fire or Normal, IF you have the Red Hot Whetblade.
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By SndRC9
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If Sword of Night and Flame was easy mode, this is easier mode.
By Anonymous
Considering how short the range of this skill is, and how long it's wind-up is.

This comment is just straight BS. Night and flame is much easier to breeze thru the game with.
By Anonymous
It's definitely better feeling than the sword. Pretty sure the sword has even longer wind up and can't be spammed like this can. I can take out dragons without them even getting an attack in.
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