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By OrangeCrush
Sword Dance+Guardian Swordspear made this an easy no hit win. Super easy to range him, as he approaches Sword Dance closes the distance, staggers him don’t both with the follow up he’ll roll away and just do it again.
By Anonymous
Rot breath when he spawns then climb up on the right wall (facing the door from the grace)
By Anonymous
He's my favourite Bloody Finger!
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
While I was fighting him one of the nearby murder birds came and picked me to death
By Anonymous
This guy still fights like actual players more than rivers of blood players lmao
By Anonymous
Got Phalanx up before he spawned and just spammed him with Stars of Ruin while trying to back away and he went down fast
By Anonymous
I don't want to register to modify the wiki, but, in case someone else wants to add this piece of lore:

In the cave near the ice dragon, with the multiple spirit caller snails, the snails will summon a samurai named Okina. In that cave, you can find a corpse that drops a version of the samurai set. This suggests that Okina canonically dies in that cave, and his spirit is being continually resurrected by the snails.
By Anonymous
It wasn't him, though. It was his disciple, although the armour might be his.
By Anonymous
I like using him as parrying practice against the rivers of blood skill
By Anonymous
Tengu of ashina really fell off
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