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By Naysayer
He won't spawn for me, anyone knows why?
By Anonymous
if you beat fire giant for some reason he stops invading
not sure why
By Anonymous
Souls procedure. Once an areas boss is dead, invaders won't spawn
By Anonymous
Using Wing of Astel's Ashes of War (Nebula) made killing him very easy, his AI makes him dodge as though it's a ranged attack but he usually ends up running into at least 1 or 2 ticks of damage. Kept dying to him until I remembered I'd upgraded this and gave it a try, didn't end up taking any damage! Hope this helps someone
By Anonymous
He does not spawn in for me?
By Anonymous
I can't get him to spawn too
By joetuckey
He wont spawn if you have killed fire giant
By Anonymous
Okina stopped spawning after beating the fire giant. I am not sure if this is a bug or intentional. I definitely would not have run past him our first encounter if I had known I could potentially be locked out of getting the katana.
By Anonymous
why is he not invading me?
By Anonymous
why is he not invading me??
By Anonymous
Memories broken
The truth goes unspoken
I’ve even forgotten my name

I don’t know the season
Or what is the reason
I’m standing here holding my blade

A desolate place
Without any trace
It’s only the cold wind I feel

It’s me that I spite
As I stand up and fight
The only thing I know for real

There will be blood-shed
The man in the mirror nods his head

The only one left
Will ride upon the dragon’s back

Because the mountains don’t give back what they take
Oh no
There will be blood-shed
It’s the only thing I’ve ever known

Losing my identity
Wondering have I gone insane
To find the truth in front of me
I must climb this mountain range
Looking downward from this deadly height
And never realizing why I fight
By Anonymous
Sucks this guy isnt spawning for me either. I really want his sword ugh
By Anonymous
He doesn't spawn for me, i killed the fire giant already
By Anonymous
you can't be invaded by players/have coop in your game if you've beaten the area boss, I guess that applies to the npc invaders too or at least this one
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