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By Anonymous
Call me crazy but there is/ was a different way into this location not using the teleporter or Var quest. On my first play through I made it here without doing either and have just recently gotten the item/ killed the npc blocking my access. Was the NPC invader added post release? Anybody get here another way?
By Anonymous
It’s possible the golden seed on the cliff only appears if the golden seed at the phantom tree isn’t collected. I picked up the golden seed on the cliff but went back to the phantom tree and there was no golden seed there.
By Anonymous
i applaud fromsoft's restraint for making the blood swamp not constantly give you bloodloss. they're saving that for the dlc no doubt
By Anonymous
for such a great boss this sure is a crappy area
By Anonymous
To counter the red Albinaurics spiked cartwheel of death... get the Briar Set from Castle Sol, equip any of the pieces(I use the gauntlets usually) and just roll when they do it. This set does damage to anything that contacts you while you're rolling and their death cartwheel is designed to break if they take ANY damage whatsoever. It's a nice easy counter.
By Anonymous
*Correction: Briar sets in Shaded Castle.
By Anonymous
This area is a complete pain, but the boss is awesome imo, albeit very hard.
By Anonymous
If you thought Caelid was bad wait until you visit the blood springs and its inhabitants.
By Anonymous
The blood-filled lake is even more messed up than it first appears. Bodies hanging from gibbets and near the remains of a blistered crow there is a solitary blue hand sticking up out of the blood lake.
By Anonymous
This page needs to give a warning about the first sanguine noble that ambushes you in the dark tunnel re-spawning after you have used the merchant. I killed it before I bought what I wanted from the merchant but I was ambushed again as I was walking away. It killed me, but when I went back for my runes and to try again only one sanguine noble was in that area near the merchant.
By Anonymous
mohgwyn will be reborn miquellas name i bet 10 dollor
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