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By Anonymous
This area is also accessible early from Varre's questline.
By Anonymous
Do you lock yourself out of any items by using the item "early" and pissing off Varre?
By Anonymous
Do you lock yourself out of unlocking any items by coming here "early" and pissing off Varre?
By teasea
This place is a good place to farm Rune at late game (where your lvl should be at 90+).
If you finished Varre's questline and use his item to teleport here, just rush past the cave and open Grace site on the other side of the cave, then go back into the cave summon Mimic ash (prefer lv5+) and kill 4 blood assassin mobs (idk the name) each yield 7.2k runes if you wear a Golden Scarab ring ( around 30k per run, took around 1-2mins per run based on your power ), they're kinda hard to kill but with Mimic ash it shouldn't be a problem and they aren't as bored as running away from Ball farming.
By teasea
Side note : After Grace site at the end of the cave, there's a Somber Stone for +10 bosses weapon inside the group of mobs there, and after that there's a lift to boss, so just farm inside the cave first, when you're ready then take a challenge at boss
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By CashforCookies
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just killing the mobs at the "palace approach ledge-road" seems a much better option. can be done with much lower level even. the mobs are mostly passive and don't do anything. only like 4 of them roam around. they are 2.4k runes per mob and there's like 16 of these guys there.
By Anonymous
Even better yet, at the "palace approach ledge-road" you can hit the bird that's on the plateau directly across from where you are, that bird will suicide off the plateau for 13k+ with scarab. Rinse and repeat.
By Anonymous
Best of all is shooting a bird from palace approach, it���ll run off the edge and drop 11k runes. 13k with the gold scarab. Takes about 5 seconds
By Anonymous
Easy cheese method. Use the Sword of Night and Flame. The area at the base of the elevator mob and assassin can be done I in 30seconds using the blue beam attack. THIS DOES NOT AGGRO. Line up 3 of the red dudes 1-2 blasts to kill . Move left and line up 3 more. Then take out the single enemy on the right and then you’re free to stealth attack the assassin at the altar. 30k runes in under a min.
By Anonymous
i want to cry
By Anonymous
what is the main boss of this area?
By Anonymous
Has anyone found a way up to the south-eastern corner of this island?
By Anonymous
theres a golden seed, a cookbook, a few no-named white face invaders, one of which drops a clothing set the rest just drop the finger things. there are a bunch of high level runes and some hero runes. tons of those annoying *** bird enemies, some dogs, weird fish face monsters, and ones that summon ghost skeletons. jsut got to the foot of the palace.
By Anonymous
Damn, there are invaders? I just killed the boss :(
By Anonymous
where do you find the golden seed tho? ive gone through the whole area, what am i missing?
By Sleepyroad_tv
The warp portal is in the far west of consecrated snow grounds.
By Anonymous
Why is there a empty cave in "Palace Approach Ledge-Road"?
I checked it out when i killed the Boss and Varre, no clue if there's anything before then.
By Anonymous
Teleport destination, from north western Mountaintops of the Giants.
By Anonymous
I'm guessing there is another way to this place and it starts in that cave
By Anonymous
I'm guessing there is another way to this place and it starts in that cave
By Anonymous
Nevermind, found out that's where you teleport to, from the Consecrated Snowfield.
By Anonymous
mohGWYN hehe it's dark souls 1 reference
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