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By Anonymous
"BUG: Does NOT increase damage of Sorceries and Incantations as of Patch 1.09" needs to be added to this, like it is on the pages for the other buffs
By Anonymous
It's not a bug, they just nerfed it.
By Anonymous
lol @ the guy responding to this and other comments insisting it isn't a bug literally hours before they patched it
By Anonymous
this and Golden Vow were made for each other. If you have the faith for this, you have the faith for Golden Vow, and it further boosts your damage while also offsetting some of the damage debuff of Howl. Golden Vow lasts fully twice as long (80s vs 40s) so watch out for when Howl expires first so you can reapply it, then reapply both the next time. Gonna start an Arbalest-only challenge run that rushes 33 Faith for these incants.
By Anonymous
Her reaction after my friend told me the worst she can say is No
By DTPandemonium
This is also bugged currently and doesn't add damage when using spells like golden vow after newest patch. What's going on?
By Anonymous
All aurabuffs are broken after 1.09
By Anonymous
Not a Bug.
By Anonymous
its basically suicide in ng+7 unless you dont get hit at all
By Anonymous
Absolutely stupid that it never tells you that you get a damage buff and debuff. Thought it was a useless spell until I saw some streamer use it and I didn't understand why. Fromsoft is so dumb.
By Anonymous
This was fixed in the latest patch, it no longer buffs you.
By Anonymous
As of patch 1.09.1 of me typing this on 5/8/23, this spell still gives you the damage buff, just tested it.
By Anonymous
My dad when he's reminded of my existence.
By Anonymous
“The amount of Madness dealt does not appear to change with incant scaling or the seal used.”

So the amount of arcane and dragon communion seal doesn’t increase buildup? The buildup remains same no matter the seals and amount of arcane are?
By Anonymous
I am also curious about this.
By Anonymous
Dragon seal no longer increases buildup on madness/frenzy spells. It used to on launch but it was changed
By Anonymous
Very good to use against people trying to climb ladders, especially if you’re waiting at the top of a long one. The repeated hits knock them right off.
By Anonymous
Yeah there are a lot of different ways to ladder camp. None of which are respectable.
By Anonymous
one of the best spells in the entire series imo
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