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By Anonymous
to comment on the 18th literally just use it in game, your lightning defense stat plummets after using it.
By Anonymous
Isn’t everyone getting this all wrong? It’s a BODY BUFF as stated in the details. You won’t be hurt by lightning 35% more, but you’ll negate lightning 35% better . As I’m reading some of the comments, I think people have it backwards
By Anonymous
I don't think this warrants a memory slot. The dragonbolt blessing found in stormcaller church was moderately useful for a little while but that made one handed light attacks bounce and prevented combos this doesn't do that, it buffs the weapon and equip load, by the time you get this both of those are of questionable, if any worth at all.
By Anonymous
I wish the equip load buff was a lot higher (like 80-90%). This way you could use this to go from slightly overloaded to mid rolls and from slightly under max mid roll weight to light rolls at the cost of 35% lower lightning negation.

Would be a lot more useable then, instead of trying to keep yourself at 34.5% equip load for light rolls when buffed (so you're wasting 35.5% of your weight limit that will keep you in mid rolls), or trying to keep yourself at 80.5% equip load for medium rolls when buffed (instead of just using Great Jar's Arsenal and mid rolling anyway).
By Anonymous
It’s worse than electrified armament but it looks so freaking cool. Same scaling, higher fp cost, shorter duration, and a practically pointless equip load buff given that you get this late game. All that and I still use it for it’s cool visuals lol. If you’re looking for viability this isn’t it chief, just go with electrified armament. If you want to look good and feel good then screw it. Just use it. Do what the comment below suggested
By Anonymous
Here’s a tip: you can eat a boiled crab, or any body buff, to get rid of the debuff and equip load buff and still keep the weapon buff. Granted it’s more viable and cost less fp to just use the electrify armament and use a body buff, but you can do this if you want to keep the cool red lightning on your weapon.
By Anonymous
why this spell couldn't just be Electrify Armament + Dragonbolt Blessing is beyond me
By Anonymous
Fromsoft legit created a visually cooler but worse version of Electrified armament, smh. Same damage but higher cost of fp. Also sine the spell is late game the equip load buff is pointless for most builds at that point. Players usually have their endurance at a comfortable number late game. I’m sure for some heavy armored and colossal weapon wielding unga bunga warriors can find this useful. But really wish it was a stamina buff instead, or maybe nerf the equip buff and include a stamina buff along with it.
By Anonymous
Im nothing like the flash, some would call me the reverse
By Anonymous
They should increase the buff and lower the lightning resistance to 5%. HP costs in certain strong attacks are considerable but a 35% debuff is suicide.
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