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By Anonymous
It is dropped from a Teardrop Scarab near Isolated Merchant's Shack
By Anonymous
it's located in the scarab at the edge of the cliff behind Isolated Merchant's Shack in Caleid
By Anonymous
it's found near the ISOLATED MERCHANT'S SHACK (DRAGONBARROW)'s+Shack+(Dragonbarrow)
By Anonymous
located just northwest of the Isolate Merchant's Shack site of grace
By Anonymous
+ Shoots over cover, good for ranged battles.
+ Decent damage.
+ FP Efficient.

- Extremely slow speed, due to arc.
- Cannot be used indoors, for obvious reasons.
- No tracking, extremely hard to hit moving targets.
- Situational, this skill can only be used in a few situations.

Verdict: Not recommended for most situations, but has some good uses.

By JhinDW
Additionally, any shots aimed towards humanoid targets will effectively guarantee a headshot, if they are stationary.
By Anonymous
Additional pro: This skill essentially guarantees a headshot on any humanoid targets that aren���t moving.
By Anonymous
Hitting enemies that cant LOS has cheese potential, but only against enemies dangerous enough to warrant such a strategy. I used it on those archers in Ordina, Liturgical Town Gaol.
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By Asriel.Cypher
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You can find the location of this 'Ash of War' in the land of Caelids. From the 'Site of Grace' called "Smoldering Wall" in Caelids, you can find a Telescope. Look North, and there should be a Shack on top of the hill called "Isolated Merchant's Shack" as people down below have said. Upon reaching the shack, you can find the bug, North-West of it. Don't forget to turn the volume up and listen to the shining and glistening sound that it makes. Good luck.
By Anonymous
Visions of Lynel
By DTPandemonium
You can only hit this if target doesn't move at all. A realistic depiction of what would happen IRL if you shot your bow at that angle and why nobody did this ever in medieval times.
By Anonymous
Wasn't this used IRL but only with large groups of archers? I imagine it would've been fairly effective then.
By Anonymous
I play this game for the realism
By DTPandemonium
Yeah but they didn't shoot 85 degrees up to hit someone 10 meters away did they?
By Anonymous
People did use arched shots such as this to get over walls of castles, in mass formation, accuracy is not important. They might be aiming for thatched rooves to burn them with fire arrows.
By Anonymous
This attack does good bonus damage and can hit enemies even at a long range (up to max targeting distance), even on a shortbow.

It's a nice ability to put on a shortbow to let you attack entrenched enemies.