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By IamXenu
The tome containing this can be found in the chair suspended from the ceiling above the Erdtree Sanctuary grace point.
By Anonymous
My friend has this spot looted and does not have this incantation in his inventory. So got any more information about this or?
By Anonymous
So you actually get the book from the spot however you then need to give it to a teacher in that art. Personally I think the turtle in the church of absolution, then you can buy it and cast.
By Anonymous
This is used to find a secret in the capital. However I have no idea why it requires high int instead of high faith.
By Anonymous
Regression is a logical/mathematical concept
By Anonymous
You get this from buying it off of a vendor you give the miracle tome you get after the golden lord boss in Leyndell. It's in a chair hanging from the ceiling
By Anonymous
Is this supposed to require int instead of faith? makes no sense, it's an incantation
By Karew
Yes, because it���s a puzzle-solving spell. There���s a quest that requires it too.
By Anonymous
It's a Fundamentalist Incantation, which is the INT/FAI split spec.
By Anonymous
See I would have no problem with it being a high intelligence as most Golden Order incantations are, however, this is the only incantation in the game that only has int, the rest are split 50/50 faith and int
By Anonymous
found after giving the principia incant book to an incant vendor; book is found in the Capital, located above the First Elden Lord fight (must be defeated first) sitting on a chair
By Anonymous
so stupid that they would make such a good incantation only for sorcerers. Why? Actually 0 reason to. They already have like 50 op spells
By Anonymous
Been playing one this whole time - Name one. Please. I'd like to know. Tried everything so far, and either our definitions of "overpowered" don't match, or you're on some *******.

Everything I've seen so far in this game has come with it's own drawbacks. Either strange requirements, bizarre lack of hyper armor, high FP cost, long animations, weird angles or speeds for projectiles etc.
By Anonymous
As someone with both a faith and intelligence build, I can���t really say there are too many op sorceries, but several that are extremely good, even better since the magic lovers patch, where as incantations are rarely worth the time and effort to try and situate a really strong build around, the casting time for incantations is way too long, and the slightest tap will interrupt the spell, and depending on what spell you were trying to cast it will have already used up the fp for it without actually casting the incantation. Any incantation worth being used on difficult enemies cost around 30 fp per use, with meager results, so I definitely feel like incantations and faith builds need to be shown the same love that sorceries just got
By Anonymous
The decision to make this a necessity for completing the faith vendor's questline combined with making it have a high INT requirement is one of the most mind boggling terrible decisions in Fromsoft's design history. It's like they're just trying to piss off people.
By Anonymous
+5 from godricks activated rune (using a rune arc) +5 from the int talisman +5 from marikas seal talisman +10 from physick flask = at least +25 temporary int boost effectively making this a 12 int requirement, maybe there is even more to cast this at base int with every class?
By Anonymous
Got more than enough without respec. From Corhyn wiki, wear Twinsage Glintsone Crown(6 int) + Stagazer Heirloom(5 int) + Marika's Sacarseal(3 int) + Godrick's Great Rune(5 int) + Intelligence-knot Crystal Tear(10 int)
By Anonymous
Don't forget the helmet that give int aswell.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
You can get +34 INT with the proper gear, so literally anyone can complete this quest with no investment into the stat whatsoever.
By Anonymous
Don't you know that miracles are a lie?
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By Azareis
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There's plenty of ways to temporarily boost your Intelligence, and beyond that there's a ton of respec items. Not sure why you expected a FS game to just hand you stuff with 0 effort.
By Anonymous
you are f*cked if you are pure faith and don't have enough strength to use grafted sword skill for more int though -but people will still defend it lol
By Anonymous
Does this do anything for illusory walls, mimics, etc.?
By Anonymous
there's a statue in leyndell that this affects, it gives a pretty big lore revelation
By Anonymous
How I was able to cast this from base 9 Int. Godrick's Great Rune (+5), Twinsage Glintstone Crown (+6), Stargazer Heirloom (+5), Intelligence-knot Crystal Tear from Physick Flask (+10), Oath of Vengeance weapon art from Grafted Blade Greatsword (+5).

That's 9 + 5 + 6 + 5 + 10 + 5 = 40 Int. This means you can cast this incantation even with the lowest starting Int of 7, since you'll still have 38. Hope this helps!
By TasRook
Requires 40STR for the weapons art.
By Anonymous
ah thank god, dude. Thanks for listing the items and the breakdown. Good thing I have everything listed.
By Anonymous
OP here, assuming you can't use the weapon art because of the STR requirement, you can still use Marika's Scarseal (+3) or Marika's Soreseal (+5) as a replacement. If I remember correctly, it should stack with the Stargazer Heirloom talisman.
By TrillDaddyFlex
You're right, and the scarseal was easy enough to get, I did this at base int. Thank you!
By Anonymous
Welp I have two of those. Guess I���m not doing this one lol
By Anonymous
This is useful and I appreciate you giving the info, but at that point it's honestly just easier to use a pair of larval tears to respec and back unless you're hoarding them for some reason.
By Anonymous
You're a goddamn saviour
By Anonymous
Thank you very much.
By Anonymous
I really appreciate this man, thanks a lot
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