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By Anonymous
Using chilling/poison mist on this can heal you for 6% total health per cast if your enemy stays in the cloud for the full 5 seconds duration. Pretty useful in tight spots
By Anonymous
I feel that great stars kinda invalidates all other great hammers. You get bleed, heal per hit and decently long range for a greathammer. In exchange, it's only 30 ar weaker than the greathammers with best raw damage (brick hammer and great mace). For example, in patch 1.09, 80 str heavy brick hammer has 745 ar one handed, heavy great mace has 742 ar one handed, and heavy great stars has 713 ar one handed.
By Anonymous
Yeah, it's my favorite weapon in the game and for good reason.
By Anonymous
this beauty just got a speed buff
By Anonymous
Cold Great Stars + Wild Strikes = Funny Mode
By Anonymous
This does not help with Waterfowl Dance but it IS fantastic otherwise. I JUST beat Malenia and RadaBeast with it.
By Anonymous
Lidl Bloodletter
By Anonymous
Best weapon in the game S+ tier put this on cold inf.I have completed the entire game with no roll block summons parry jump literaly (Yes even malenia) thanks to this bad boy.
By Anonymous
Literally bloodborne
By Anonymous
too bad no seppuku
By Anonymous
Works great with golden land since the projectiles will also heal
By Anonymous
I had no idea, that’s really sick.
By Anonymous
powerstancing these with mimic tear = easy malenia stunlocking
By Anonymous
In pvp, does the heal caused from landing hits proc if your weapon ghost hits? In a similar way to how status effects still build even if the other player dodges the damage of the hit.
By Anonymous
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