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By Anonymous
all i did was use magic glintblade and run away from him lol
By Anonymous
I thought he was another player so I always bowed with him to be respectful lol
By Anonymous
did it at level 20 as an astrologer. Used the impaling thrust ash of war on a greatsword and thats it. need to land it about 20 times, he will one shot you with the scythe combo anything else is 2 shot, unless you get a wry frost proc, if you already have frost on you the mist has no affect on you. you can get a free back stab after he spawns in and starts his bow animation, then if you wait till hes about to get up you can get a free thrust in, when he goes for flask is a free hit, flask empty free hit, when hes done using double scythe slash hes a free hit, after thorns is pretty free and mist is free when you are frost bitten.
By Anonymous
For all you cool wretches out there that find themselves unable to kill Alberich SL20~ here are the big boy tips besides the very obvious ones already listed. TL;DR below.

1. Corner him by staying near corners and then rolling behind to make the AI more abusable (see how below).
2. Bait out his attacks with a strong attack; preferably with sword distance reach. This will cause the AI to hop back or get stunned long enough for a light attack follow up normally. If the AI cannot hop back it will still attempt to dodge back hence why cornering it like a chad will make you that much more capable of hurting this guy.
3. His charged up 2 hand scythe moves will usually be used if he is able to walk up next to you which he will attempt to do a lot to roll catch if you dodge too slowly. If you aren't able to dodge the first hit, you can attempt to dodge the follow up with a roll diagonally.

Optional to make fight even easier -
1. Get Kaiden chest and leg pieces from the riders on the overworld by the camp in front of the main gates. Frost will no longer apply in 2 hits bang bang.
2. +3 Wep because being punished to DPS race him with a weapon with no dam early on sucks, especially since he normally has 3-5x your hp. Fortunately very easy to get smithing stones early on thanks to random caves for 4 minute detours in the beginning areas.
3. Get a weapon with bleed or apply rot with scarlet rouge available early in the game. Fun adventure way is getting a weapon with Blood Slash weapon art from the Fort owned by our favorite lord Kenneth or ... just using the stupid flail you can snag early on right after the first church and the golden cavalry boy.
4. Poison pot recipe is actually pretty easily acquired early on as well. Buy 3 cracked pots from our boy Kale at the first church and grab the recipe. Afterwards just go get some poop from Mistwoods and then throw one as he bows to make him try to re-bow giving you time to backstab/smack him good.

Just remember don't be a coward and beat this guy with your stick.

- corner AI into corner; big hall too big oog oog
- hold strong attack and bait a punish by being close enough (impossible for cowards)
- get gid dodge everything don't be greedy enjoy your 3 minute fight at SL20~
By Anonymous
Start the fight behind him with lots of dmg, I found workd well stunned him for a sec as he spawned, I had 2 daggers 1 being the reduvia, was effective
By Anonymous
wild strikes absolutely breaks his AI, just get close and hold down L2 and he dies, Hero's starting battleaxe comes with it by default and works well
By Anonymous
Use weapon with long reach, a halbert is very effective in my experience
By Anonymous
I find the Mad Tongue extremely much in fact that I sacrificed my loss of runes to get away from him. I use the Heros axe, and cant seem to kill him!
By Anonymous
does anyone know what his resistance to deathblight is? it doesn't say here on the wiki.
By Anonymous
I killed this guy without bowing back to him, felt pretty bad about it, but then again when i was a newbie this guy absolutely tormented me and killed me likely more times than i could count, so maybe i shouldn't be guilty.
By Anonymous
i hate how easy it is to kill him with wild strike. he literally can't react as you destroy him
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