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By Anonymous
These seem to be called "Graven Mage Schools" according to the Graven Mage School talisman.
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Interestingly, the game's code refers to them as "Orb of Many Faces"
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By Nobby
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Sounds like they weren't sure what exactly this ball of many facials was for, but damnit they wanted it in the game come hell or high water.
By Anonymous
its called a seed of star its written in the talisman description people come one
By AyaneSilva
Looks like the Abhorrent Flesh and Frozen Flesh (balls with spikes, made of Lost heads) in Code Vein. I wonder which was the original inspiration.
By Anonymous
So, as far as I can tell, these are actually amalgamations of mages that practiced primeval sorcery. Every reference we have seen in the game so far to primal, primeval, etc has all related to the crucible, which is a time before everything when all life was combined into one thing. If you follow Sellen's Questline, (SPOILERS) at the very end, the two banished archmages of the Raya Lucaria Academy will disappear, and Sellen will now be turned into one of these schools of mages. Graven just means to be cast into stone, AKA engraved. So if they are a school of mages (like a school of fish, but since mages are students, they are a school of mages, engraved into stone. As in the mages themselves have been turned into a single stone orb. It is my understanding by reading the item descriptions that this is the destiny of any sorcerer studying primeval current sorcery. I think the point of that sorcery is to recombine everything back into one, like with the crucible. I think that sellen combined herself with the two archmages and became the school of graven mages you find in the academy who is called Sellen. Also, you will find these creatures all over the lands between, and in the descriptions in the talismans it calls them the great mistake of the academy. As in the mages started to practice this, and it scared the academy so much, that they banished anybody who practiced it, all the way to the top.
By Anonymous
So does that mean she willingly did this to herself?
By Anonymous
@28 Apr, I think so. I think this is what happens when the wizards fail to achieve metamorphosis; they only partially reach the new form.
By Anonymous
A good thought dump is that none of these mages actually achieved anything to my belief. No sorceries have been discovered by the graven school by trying to restore the primeval currentfashioning the seeds of stars and it always leads to the mass. Primeval sorcery isnt an evil practice or sacrificial the only primeval sorceries we have were devised by one’s who had the opportunity to witness a cosmic event and since the stars are in stasis the vhrrent is near inaccessible leading to these desperate attempts by evil mages who are willing to kill others to restore it. Bros should’ve worked to try and stop the stars from sealed so primeval study can acutely resume. That’s just a theory though welcome to my ted talk didn’t expect to write that much, people need to stop looking at the primeval current is an evil practice, you hit it on the nose with the all the way to the top thing. Sorcerers we’re getting killed and primeval current was the goal so the practice of the most powerful magics was forbidden leaving geniuses like lusat azur and unnamed sorcerer forgotten while they were ten steps ahead of the game
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Apparently these "Graven Masses" are the result of Sorcerers who tried to combine the power of their Primal Glintstone with others. What greed does to a mf.
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nah **** em raya lucaria im looking into the primeval current
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There’s also one behind the Ainsel River Well in Liurnia
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I'm not convinced that these things were once sorcerers. Per the description, they are meant for guarding important magic. Each of the ones found in the game is acting in this capacity. With Sellen, my belief is that she attempted rebirth while in her puppet body, which triggered a trap laid by Seluvis. There is a note in his lab warning against touching his stuff, after all.
By Anonymous
The charms says they're made of bodies of sorcerers and implies that those studying the primeval current does will do it to themselves, One of the last things sellen does is collect the bodies of two sorcerers who studied the primeval current and bring them to the academy, once their bodies dissapear from the places you found them you can't see them anywhere in the academy. It seems pretty clear that she used Azur and Lusats bodies to turn herself into a graven school mass.
By Anonymous
Item decriptions say that they are primeval current studying sorcerers who tried to become stars themselves. Thia was likely also what happened to Sellen.
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Reminds me of natural caused phenomena "rat king", when many rats are tied together with their tails, it forms a grotesque rodent mass.
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I think Miyazaki may have used this concept seeing as Grafting is a similar thing.
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There is ONE ANOTHER right above Ainsel River Well where bear is also comes the Sphere from the small Pond Seems missing in here
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Sacred blade ashes helps with killing it alot and it drops around 900 runes when killed. Just wait till it stops spewing the blue and run in to hit it as it goes back down to the ground. Avoid the spray but it seems to have a pattern to the spray directions
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I hit one with magma shot once and nearly killed it in 1 hit. They don't like fire.
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Everybody gangsta till big *** ball with rock candy eyes shows up and starts shooting mortar like lasers