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By Nekrofancy
This is dropped from Mohg the Omen in Forsaken Depths under the Capital.
By Anonymous
Does this cause bleed build up in targets?
By Anonymous
Yes, if an enemy can normally be bled than this can also apply bleed to them
By Anonymous
Drops from Mohg, the Omen deep within the sewers under Leyndell.
By Anonymous
Under Leyndell capital deep in the sewers, you fight the lord of blood and killing him drops it
By Anonymous
The Omen, not the Lord of Blood. 2 different bosses in 2 different locations.
By Anonymous
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By Anonymous
This any good?
By Anonymous
It's alright. If you're using the blood magic in PvP it is very situational though. You get better use out of bloodboon (area denial) or swarm of flies.
By Anonymous
I think it���s great so far in PvE, it���s VERY quick and you can swipe three times quickly. Melee range spell with a slight delay so you can catch melee enemies running at you.
By Anonymous
Is this a dragon incantation? Don't have yet so can't check via sigil when casting.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
No. Does not mention "ancient dragon cult" in the description.
By Anonymous
No, it's neither a dragon communion nor dragon cult spell. I'm not sure it's buffed by anything besides generic fire damage buffs.
By Anonymous
is this fire damage?
By Anonymous
Bloodflame does flame damage. less than regular flame abilities, but it also builds bloodloss. great for dex/arcane builds.
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By CashforCookies
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assuming it works like the other bloodflame stuff it does indeed deal fire dmg (and will accordingly deal less to fire-resistant enemies) +bleed build-up
By Anonymous
Is it just here that the slash effect is not playing?
By Anonymous
Feels like a slower, more costly catch flame that only does 20 more damage, but the bleed is a pretty nice tool for certain bosses.