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By Anonymous
Be nice if the wiki mentioned the giant hand at the end before you get to the dung eaters body lol
By Anonymous
Your friendly neighborhood Elden Ring GG Allin
By Anonymous
I hate that the giant hand spawns even if you try and get by with stealth buffs
By Anonymous
"defile my flesh with the seedbed curse again and again" Ayo?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Poopoo consumer
By Anonymous
kinda sad he feels his only purpose in life is to be as utterly repulsive as possible
By Anonymous
Looks like a poo version of the Michelin Man.

"You're one ugly mother f---"
By Anonymous
Someone mentioned Mr Blobby as I was looking at the Dung Eater armor set and now I can't unsee it.
By Anonymous
I see you've made it your mission to curse everyone as well.
By Anonymous
Literally the only well written character in the game
By Anonymous
Dude you're anonymous and haven't even got any likes or dislikes. What do you want XD
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