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By Anonymous
I kind of assume that he doesn't literally eat dung, and that his name comes from hundreds of years of villagefolk collectively calling him the most disgusting and hateful thing they could think of, which eventually translated to "dung eater".
By Anonymous
Most likely its because of the intro. He is literally hanging and people throw dung at him.
By Anonymous
I ship Dung Eater with Blaidd, the ultimate diaperfur power couple <3
By Anonymous
I did not need to see this comment
By Anonymous
Brb, burning my eyes out with frenzied flame after reading this.
By Anonymous
That's it.
I'm getting the Three Fingers.
By Anonymous
Well that was one the most epic and satisfying things ever (spoilers ahead, you've been warned).

So, I'm really taking my time with ER. Going slow, talking to NPCs, approaching everything with a curious mind... It's awesome, feels like my best experience with a FromSoft game. The progression of different characters' journeys comes off so much more natural than in previous games, as much as I adore them.

Anyways, after letting ol' Dung Eater out, I did the usual: check-in with other NPCs whom are relevant to whatever I was just doing. Roderika: "hmmm, no more voices in the other hall." Okay... Then Boggart: "he's around, somehwhere... " Now I'm nervious! (I grew to like Boggart, kind of shady but relatable in a way)

Went back Dung's spot in the Roundtable, found the ominous message: "Come to the outer moat." I realized what this implied, and said out-loud "no.... NO!" I immediately travel back to Boggart, but I'm too late. There he his, bound and begging for death, I felt so bad for him. Then that f-er showed up, and I was ready for him. We duke it out, trade blows, things are going okay, and then what happens? That crab!

That stupid crab! He gets into the fray, and I start screaming "not NOW, why NOW?" I'm jumping, I'm running and dodging- can't get a window! The attacks from the crab AND Dung Eater are such that I can't find an opportunity! Suddenly I see the crab raising his claws up super slowly, and I realize he's about to do his death-blight spew everywhere, I panic even more than I already have been, running for my life, and then I hear it: "ahhhhhHHHHHHEEEEGGGHHH!!!" *SPLAT*

I turn around and am somewhat horrified (but also relieved) to see Dung Eater, thrust into the air, screaming in agony, pierced by death-blight in a grim display of comeuppance. You got what you deserved, you wretch...
By Anonymous
I should have grabbed a bowl of popcorn before reading this comment! Definitely more thrilling than most Hollywood movies
By Anonymous
Oh man this story had everything

Drama, Comedy, Suspense, Action, Mystery

I rate it 10/10
By Anonymous
Dung Eater got massacred by that crab in my game too. I actually saw that the claws were damaging DE, so I just ran around and let the crab maul the crap out of Dung Eater, before the deathblight spew one-shot him. All hail the deathcrab of Godwyn, our real hero.
By Anonymous
Exactly the same thing happened to me...only in my version there were some other insults and tilting scenes...but seeing him die at the end from death-blight was really satisfying.
By Anonymous
What dung eeater deserves is children and love. Ironically people calling him monster and killing him are monster themselfves, if you ever thought dung eater is weirdo, know that youre even worse
By Anonymous
Despite his appellation and being universally reviled there is no in-game indication that this character is an actual coprophage.

It therefore seems more likely to me that "Dung Eater" is a euphemism for a worse act considered truly unspeakable in the world of Elden Ring.
By Anonymous
He's the scat man.
By Anonymous
The dung eater refers to you, as him, only after you ward off his "blessing." After-which he says you are him and he is the dung-eater. therefore the dung-eater is you and you are the dung-eater. you weren't such before that, you only become him and he becomes you - the dung-eater - after you ward off his blessing. at any other point in time you were you and you are still you but are to be considered - somewhat abstractly - as the dung-eater and he is to be you and vice-versa.

Now hear me out

Marika is Radagon. Marika explicitly told Radagon that he is YET to become her, he would be her but not YET, not YET would he become a god, eventually he would but not at that time - whether or not she foresaw or for-ordained this I cannot say but, he would become her and she him at what point would that be? assuming of course that I'm basing this on the fact that they were seperate entities and not one, most I know believe that they were always one being, taht's fine.
I'm just spitballing and I'm on drugs...I'm just saying MAYBE, MAYBE, and it's a big MAYBE - as I don't have the original japanese text to fact check what was actually being said - but MAYBE Radagon wasn't always Marika, maybe he became Marika through some means of the Greater Will. We know Marika was disillusioned with the Greater Will and Radagon is the embodiement of the golden order, which was brought by to the lands between by the Two Fingers - who preach the greater wills blessings - and established/spread out by Queen Marika.

Of course i'm most likely far off, but it was a fun thought I had
By Anonymous
all that text to say nothing at all.
By Anonymous
*Bangs his head on wall*

Shrouded by night, but steady with stride...
By Anonymous
The Dreaded Caca Devourer
By Anonymous
The real waifu
By Anonymous
Be aware! Fighting Dung Eater at Moat will prevent you from Summoning him for Mohg fight!! Not the step after..
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