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By Anonymous
The name comes from the idea that this is the games best developed character
By Anonymous
My man here eats out of colostomy bags like gogurts
By Anonymous
Okay, sure, but what does he poop then?
By Anonymous
Freed him from the Gaol, went to Liurnia to buy Boggart's goodies and move him to Atlas, now Boggart is in the right location (alive) but I cannot get Dung Eater to invade. What am I missing here?
By Anonymous
Talk to him about the Dung Eater until he starts talking about how he's lurking around, then reload the area (quit to menu and come back or rest at a grace). Then, talk to Boggart and he'll die, at which point Dung Eater will invade.
By Anonymous
Talk to boggart in new location about DE then reload area, then talk to boggart again after reloading. Then DE spawns.
By Anonymous
You may need to return to the Roundtable Hold and enter the room where the Dung Eater normally is found. You'll see a message from him requesting you meet him in the moat outside the castle walls where Boggart is, thus continuing the quest
By Anonymous
Loathsome Dung Eater…I gave him 4 seedbed curses and then killed him—and I’ll do it again in NG+
By Anonymous
Dung eater simps ASSEMBLE!!
By Anonymous
I came as fast as I could
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Love this man
By Anonymous
His face looks surprisingly clean for being a dung eater.
By Anonymous
Not a drop goes to waste
By Anonymous
He's hot
By Anonymous
If you complete Big Boggart’s quest and he is willing to sell you prawn he will eventually move to the moat area at Leyndell. But If you would like to save your boy so you can keep buying those delicious crustaceans and not watch your friend die miserably, you can kill Dung Eater as soon as you open his cell door. As I have on every character.

I absolutely slaughter this dude in his jail cell. Every single time. Totally worth missing this pricks quest to save Big.
By Anonymous
I also had big blackguard survive because I skipped rya's quest on accident and killed dungeater before blackguard moved to the capital
By Anonymous
Watching the Opening Cutscene for the first time: haha funny ****-eating man, how comical.
80 hours later: D E A R G O D.
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