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By kidkhan
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He first appears in the Roundtable Hold, in the room past the Maiden Husks, as a red invader phantom, though due to the Hold's rules disallowing Tarnished on Tarnished combat while inside the building, he does not attack you outright and instead basically tells you to screw off. Once you find the Seedbed Curse in the Fortified Manor, in the same place his phantom would be, he will speak to you when you approach in the Hold, giving you a key to release his physical body in a jail below the Leyndell capital and vowing to kill you when you do. His jail is in the Subterranean Shunning Grounds, aka the sewer system of the Capital. There is a lot of ground to cover in this dungeon, so giving you a full tour in this comment isn't possible, but you'll find him if you clear every nook and cranny of the place. Once you do, he'll attack you. Once defeated, he drops his armor set, as well as the Sword of Milos greatsword.

E: I should mention, he doesn't attack you outright, as other commenters have noted. I definitely spat on him and called him a **** or something, I wasn't about his vibe at all personally. But, you don't have to kill him here in the cell.
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By Xire
Thanks for that.

To clarify for others, when you find him, you can just tell him to leave, then he will be gone from the roundtable hold and there will be a message to meet him at the outer moat.
This is from the exit of Leyndell, down into the water(the moat) from, where the giants originally were and he will spawn in and you get the sword for killing him.

Then at the roundtable he realises he also needs to be infected, so if you now go back to the sewers and his cell, he will be tied up and you can infect him.
By Vurolock
To add to Xire's reply, if the seafood merchant is hangout out in the moat, dung eater won't invade until you need to speak to the merchant about him and then reload the game.
By Anonymous
He didn't attack me, he was mashing his head against the wall and I told him to leave to his gaol.
Returning to the roundtable he left a message to meet him outside the castle in the moat. There he kills the shrimp guy and spawned as an invader. After this he went back to the roundtable where he told me to find him again in the sewers. Same place as before. This time he was tied up and I had the option to give him a Seedbed curse or administer seluvis' potion (i forgot the actual name im sending it hoping im right lol), which i hadnt gave to nephali before. I gave it to him and after a quit out he disappeared and I havent found him since
By Anonymous
Absolutely amazing dude, great job !
By Anonymous
This isn't everything, there's much more to this quest, not just killing him, find him at the Roundtable, talk to him, then go back to sewers and you have 2 options, either give him the seedbed curse or seluvis' potion
By Anonymous
also you can feed Seluvis's Potion to the dung eater after you kill his invading red phantom and talk to his body form in the cell when he's tied up, that unlocks Seluvis's spell shop and also get ridded of the dung eater, in which is the perfect ending for me
By Anonymous
I found that you can give him the seluvis's potion
Some one know that?
By Anonymous
I've cleared the entire sewer area before getting his key, any hints where to look for him?
By Anonymous
You can feed Dung Eater Seluvia potion after beating him in the outer moat
By Anonymous
Can I still give him the potion from Seluvis after finishing his quest?
By Anonymous
Wrong dude. Potion is for what's-his-nuts in the library
By Anonymous
By EliR58
Anyone else notice he's wearing the crest of the sun?
By kokuya
I was doing the questline while carrying Seluvi's potion, somehow this option to give Seluvi's potion pops while trying to give him the seedbed curse.
By Anonymous
I have done everything in Lyndell and looked everywhere for a locked door but still can't find it. Can anyone help?
By Anonymous
From the Avenue Balcony grace, there's a clearing just a bit directly west
In a corner of that clearing is a well you have to climb down
I had to look it up, for some reason I didn't even think to investigate the well
By Anonymous
You have to jump down a well in the capital
By Anonymous
theres a seedbed curse in the vulcano manor near the iron maiden.
By Anonymous
there's more than 1 iron maiden chief
By Anonymous
He has a quest once you beat him, continue feeding him the cursed seed beds in the sewers.
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