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By Anonymous
Best tank vs enemies that don’t use a lot of blunt attacks - good against dragons if you’re a more ranged play style but less so if you’re up close.
By Anonymous
Why not spear one, I like the sounds he makes.
By Anonymous
So, there's two caves in that room before the boss. The obvious one, with what I assume is the empty chest (looted it a long time ago if anything was in there), and another one that is very dark. If you don't drop down, it's not the right cave.
By Anonymous
It takes a beating and it spins to show dominance. Truly a tier of its own.
By Anonymous
A good tank held back by it's mediocre moveset
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By GravenWitchSellen
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Oh my god this is THE anti-Malenia ashes. My crystal boy tanked 3 separate scarlet Aeonia bombs straight to the face and didn't even flinch. I don't think there's another summons in the game that can take the kind of abuse this guy can, so if you're looking for a borderline cheese-level strategy to take Malenia this is your summons, right here.
By Anonymous
there's literally a comment like this under 90% of spirit ash pages
By Anonymous
Has anybody tried it against Malenia? How does it fare?
By Anonymous
Unfortunately Malenia heals back too much HP from this summon. Too bad, this was my go-to summon for the better half of the game - while constantly having it in the back of my mind how well it'd perform vs Malenia.
By Anonymous
I beat Malenia with this summons help, she does get back health from him, but he also was almost impossible for her to kill, at +10 he lasts both phases and in my 50 attempts she killed him 1 time. He tanks her well and gives you a breather. If she chases you just run at him so that he is between you and her and he will likely take her aggro so you can heal.
By Anonymous
this is guy is probably the best tank in the game. if he dealt much more damage then i think the would be the best summon in the game. almost soloed morgott for me
By Anonymous
imagine this was the spear version of these guys. aggressive as hell with his constant poke spam.
By Anonymous
Poke. Poke. Poke. Poke.
By Anonymous
This version has ranged attacks (good for interruptions) and its more irregular attacks make it even more tankier, cuz they make it dodge attacks by accident.
By Anonymous
My man can take a beating. A mages best friend.