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By Bekfistwolf
Gideon refuses to give me the incantation. I've already gotten multiple graces inside of haligtree.
By Anonymous
But you need to kill mohg lord of blood, not go to haligtree .
By Anonymous
Are you sure about that? It's commander Nial you have to kill to get the dialogue option from Gideon. It's related to the secret medallion and you only get both halves and the prompt to mention it to Gideon after killing Nial at castle sol.
By Anonymous
Did you access haligtree via the medallions? If you did the skip off the cliff in mountaintops of giants, it may mess with the whole thing
By Anonymous
Garbage, just eat a crab instead.
By Anonymous
This appeared after beating Maliketh, not Gideon
By Anonymous
It can be obtained from the Husks after Maliketh if you didnt obtained it from Gideon from doing the optional bosses
By Anonymous
I haven't beat maliketh, or either iteration of mohg. I have gotten the haligtree talisman and gotten to haligtree. And Gideon coughed this up. I feel it was due to getting to the haligtree itself.
By Anonymous
No, that's not true, I killed Maliketh yesterday, but I got this from Gideon after activating the first grace at the top of the Haligtree and the prompt to speak to him about the medallion was there for me and he gave this to me without any issues.
By Anonymous
does it stack with boiled crab?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Yeah it does
By Anonymous
-yeah it does
Net zero information
By Anonymous
both are body buffs which don't stack and instead override rach other, it stacks with golden vow tho, since it's an aura buff
By Anonymous
Doesn’t seem to stack with Golden Vow at all, Vow overrides it.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
It does
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Whenever people cast this I can't hit them during their animation. Is this happening for anyone else?
By Anonymous
I didn't defeat gideon, only killed makelith and this was up for purchase. so kinda wrong wiki
By Anonymous
Don't know why this god downvoted, same happened for me
By Anonymous
Same happened to me as well I looked the spell up on here after seeing it for sale by husks. I had just beat maliketh and havent seen Gideon since
By Anonymous
Killing Maliketh makes Gideon leave the roundtable. The wiki got that wrong, you don't need to kill him. Just make him leave the roundtable
By Anonymous
Don't use this when using the Mimic tear Summon. He will just use this instead of being offensive.
By Anonymous
Unequip your sacred seal to summon your mimic then reequip it afterwards to prevent it from using incantations.
By Anonymous
But what if my mimic is a she?
By Anonymous
I can't speak to the time of the post, but there is no weird behavior with BFP and mimic tear on current patch, 1.08. This may have been changed at some point. I have worn BFP for close to 300hrs of playtime using it and mimic tear and i have never had it cast bfp more than once, and I wish it would do it more often.
By Anonymous
dragoncrest greatshield talisman + this + decent heavy armor + 50 vigor = Facetank Malenia's waterfowls without breaking a sweat.
By Anonymous
Sure but giving her a huge heal
By Anonymous
Have fun healing her it's going to take twice as long to beat if you even do it.
By Anonymous
The Godslayer seal does NOT boost Blackflame's Protection. I just compared the numbers between Godslayer ,Gravelstone, and Clawmark Seals. They are exactly the same.
By livevilforever
Yes, all body buffs are static and unaffected by the type of seal used.
By Anonymous
Well yeah, none of the body and aura spells scale up dude, they all have a fixed percentage. Also virtually every weapon that has bonus damage for a specific spell class only buffs offensive spells and some weapon buffs.
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