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By Anonymous
This works even if he's not targeting you, as long as you keep close to the person he's targeting.
By Anonymous
I can appreciate why they gave this to us, but anytime I've tried to use it I've died. I have never once found it useful.
By Anonymous
Peep how it looks like Rennala's crown.
By Anonymous
does this work on the first phase
By Anonymous
Meh. Don't need this if you're a decent level. Didn't even know what it did for my first two playthroughs. He goes down easily enough at lev 120.
By Anonymous
i ****ing killed bernahl and i cant get this anymore
By Anonymous
Do I have my timing off with this thing? Askin cause usually when I parry maliketh with this the attack still lands and then he gets all staggered and stuff
By Anonymous
Can this be used for normal parrying too or no?
By DrXian
ok so you have to use it like an item? that makes it tricky to use other items..
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