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By Anonymous
Can you enchant a weapon with Cold affinity using Scholar's Armament?
By Anonymous
typically if you apply a weapon affinity that adds non physical damage and/or status application you will not be able to use weapon coatings or enchantments
By Anonymous
Scholar's Armament only adds Magical Enchantment to a weapon. And correct me if I'm wrong, but Scholar's Armament will not work if a weapon has a 2nd damage type i.e. fire, lightning, etc.
By Anonymous
Sadly no. There is Frozen Armament Sorcery which adds Frostbite buildup but no magic damage. Only works on buffable weapons that have no magic or elemental damage
By Anonymous
For most of the weapons you can use an ash with you can only enchant/grease them if they're using Standard, Heavy, Keen or Quality enhancements. Then, of course, there's the special weapons that can't be enchanted/greased at all, though you typically can't use ashes on them in the first place. Then there's the other special weapons that have multiple damage types yet can still be enchanted/greased anyway.
By Anonymous
didn't get the ash, but i got the nightrider glaive...
By Anonymous
Not as broken as hoarfrost stomp, but still too strong imo. Its main advantage over the hoarfrost stomp is that it deals high stance damage.
By Anonymous
Better than hoarfrost on singular, small enemies. Does more damage (hoarfrost hits for ~400 while this hits for ~800 using the same weapon on the same target) per single hit and will also break through shields and stagger enemies. Definitely trivializes a lot of boss fights and humanoid enemies.
By Anonymous
didn't drop for me which kind of sucks - is this not 100% drop rate?
By Anonymous
So, I'm not sure if I was just seeing things, but it appears that this weapon art counts as a thrust attack and benefits from counterattacking (hitting an enemy while they're in the middle of an attack) and the Spear talisman. Has anyone else noticed this or am I crazy?
By Anonymous
The Night's Calvary drops Giant's Hunt not Ice Spear
By Anonymous
Do ice infusions let you scale the physical damage with intelligence or is it only the frostbite buildup that scales?
By flannoit
Frost adds Intelligence scaling, but the Intelligence scaling contributes less to the damage than Magic's scaling would.
By Anonymous
They usually have better base phys than magic and typically have primary scaling in DEX and 2nd in magic
By Anonymous
boss didn't drop anything for me
By Anonymous
same here
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