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By Anonymous
Man her fire attack kills me in one hit even though I'm level 100+ with my shield up. I did a cheese kill unintentionally... I first ran in and killed the dogs in the alcove to the left and then just ran down the stairs along the walkway and jumped down. My plan was to just keep going back and hitting her at range and running away. Turns out she followed me and fell off the cliff. Cheezy, but I'll take it the win ;-)
By Anonymous
Hate this *****
By Anonymous
Died to this ahole more times than Commander Niall, just screw this grade A ****head.
By Anonymous
This bastard made me so damn mad, why in the everloving **** does some dude in robes flicking a little gust of fire kill you in 2-3 hits at 50 vigor? not to mention said attack is incredibly fast and he cast it three times in a row in a millisecond while spamming it constantly everytime you get near him? Oh! and don't forget he's super tanky too because fromsoft being the sadistic fiends that they are clearly thought that he wasn't cancerous enough as it is, This bastard can just go eat a giant bag of ****s. most bs npc enemy by far imo.
By Anonymous
It's really not lmfao. Catch flame can be powerful. Lot of people overlook
By Anonymous
I understand this enemy can cast spells. Now while laying on their back from Bolt of Gransax they can't. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.
Just saying...
By Evarika
Fairly easy bossfight; lure them (comments have confused me so I'll avoid specificity) out to the wooden walkway and cast Rejection when it looks like it'll knock them off the edge. They'll try to return to the arena but slip and fall off the cliff, giving you the win.
By Anonymous
Should update everything to she/her based on her game model.
By Anonymous
Don't know why you have downvotes but it's true, Arganthy is a woman. Datamine confirms it.
By Anonymous
Fingerprint Stone Shield +10 with Shield Crash... And he's dead in two hits and staggered/maddened in the same go
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
95% fire reduction, kills in 2 hits
By Anonymous
The character’s model reveals Arghanthy that to be a female