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By Anonymous
Probably the easiest boss i've fought so far. All you have to do is hit her until she dies lmao
By Anonymous
I would rather actually kill myself than fight this [slur goes here]
By DrXian
just hit her with lighting as she comes towards you. she wont get a chance because of its stagger to cast on you even if she gets within range.. yes kill dogs first..
By Anonymous
If you can manage to get the dogs first, this miniboss is about on the same level as a Fire Prelate. That Shield fireball attack though is ridiculous.
50 Vigor, Fireproof Liver, Shield up? Doesn’t matter. Dodge or you’re at less than a quarter HP in one hit.
By Anonymous
This boss isn't the problem. The two dogs that you may aggro while fighting her are the real mother****ers in this fight.
By Anonymous
The 2nd photo is very obviously of the Marais dude outside shaded castle that drops antspur rapier, how do you even manage a mixup like that? Oh they have the same robe, and literally nothing else in common, I see how you mixed em up now....
By Anonymous
Please don't give the site host a hard time. This site, and game specific comments, and been extremely helpful.
By Anonymous
Didn’t even realize this was a boss? Cast swarm of flies 2x and did blood blade dance and it was over.
By Anonymous
Gee, a Bleed build finds something easy? Say it isn’t so!
By Anonymous
bruv got ganked by my mimic tear and ordovis greatsword
By Anonymous
Found shard spiral worked pretty well for me.
By Anonymous
Her AI had no idea how to handle me holding down wild strikes
By Anonymous
Guess that's how Adan stole the Flame of the Fell God from her.