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By Anonymous
A quick tip for any heavy/colossal weapon users fighting Borealis and any dragon really. Utilize torrent and charge attack talisman and tear. Charge a heavy, run to their feet then release and run away. Especially for Borealis, it'll allow you to get out of dodge if they decide to use their breath weapon and specifically in Borealis's case, the Glacial Roar.
By Anonymous
Yikes. My Magma Wyrm scalesword +10 which melted many of the later game bosses was just tickling this guy
By Anonymous
Snipe it with blood arrow from distance to death
By Jstar338
Ekzykes is still more unbalanced. The big frost scream is super telegraphed, and the smaller one hits 3 times if you roll during it. Did half of a 30 vig character, it's not that bad. Runebears are harder
By Anonymous
>literally "The Freezing Fog"
>Not weak to fire

By Anonymous
Borealis, The Freezing Frog
By Anonymous
dex builds might want to use the nightrider's flail while riding torrrent. managed to kill the dragon with a 18+ nightrider's flail and 62 dex with a hit-and-run strategy.
By Anonymous
This was the easiest dragon to kill, except the fact that its breath quite literally one shot you. Just wait till it casts the frostbite breath and shout, then go close and attack, then leave again. rinse and repeat. It doesn't really chase you, just kinda stands there lol
By Anonymous
I killed this dragon 3 times before I realized it was named freezing “fog” and not “frog”
By Anonymous
this boss is not so much doing damage as it is just waiting, forever.

also don't forget the "we didn't know how to make the game hard" miyazaki trademark of spamming AOE's every 4 seconds
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