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By Anonymous
Slap it on stone club and turn the world into a pulp
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By Arthurice
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Does this stack with the Stonebarb Cracked Tear? I ask because if so, I can reach ~106 Poise Damage with a Curved Sword, which sounds completely ridiculous.
By Anonymous
Yeah, that sounds… broken.
Most people have less that a hundred poise, and if they have more than that then you can probably already tell.
So, that’s fun.
I hope it works cause what would happen if someone were to say… put it on a giant crusher, drink the Physik, and do a charged heavy?
By Anonymous
Unlike bleed where faster weapons are better, this buff is better used on slower weapons with higher AR. Best bang for your buck for your 15% physical damage buff.
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By thesimulacra
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You do get a higher AR bump with a bigger weapon, but that's per hit, and a faster weapon also hits more often in the same time period. So the weapon with the higher DPS will benefit the most from Cragblade still, regardless of if it's a big slow weapon or a small fast one.

For example:
A dagger with 500 AR that hits 2 times per second. With Cragblade it bumps 15%, to 575 AR. That's 1050 AR per second.
A colossal weapon with 1000 AR that hits once per second. With Cragblade it bumps 15%, to 1050 AR per second.
Technically the colossal weapon does more damage per hit, but in reality they both benefit from Cragblade the same.
By Anonymous
15% of 1000 is 150 though...or am I missing something? So in that example the colossal does 1150... which reinforces OP's point.
By Anonymous
Nevermind. They both come out to 1150.
By GrigLog
Faster weapon will benefit more than heavy in most cases, because enemies have defense. For that example with that dagger and collossal weapons, if enemy has 100 defense (super early game value actually), dagger will deal 500 -> 420 damage, club 1000 -> 900. After buff: 575 -> 497, 1150 -> 1035. 497/420 = 1.18, 1150/1000 = 1.15.
By Anonymous
Does the buff go away when you switch weapons?
By Anonymous
Yes. Since it's a weapon buff, if you swap weapons or two-hand the other hand's weapon, the buff will be lost.
By Anonymous
This is very good on claws but makes it look like you are punching enemies with giant sh1t logs
By Anonymous
It'd be sensible but probably overpowered if this buff changed your damage type to Strike. Imagine, covering your Uchigatana with rocks and being able to efficiently clobber Skeletons and Imps (strong vs slash, weak vs strike). It'd be broken, but it'd make sense given the visuals of this skill.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Lmao I love this idea. Poking people with a very long rock
By Anonymous
Good skill, completes my build of rock spells and rock weapons.
By Anonymous
What’s the difference between poise damage and stance damage? Are these two used interchangeably on this wiki?
By Anonymous
yes i believe so, super inconsistent tho, they need to stop using the term "poise damage" when they are referring to stance damage or specify both because they are different things. stance damage is for pve and poise damage is for pvp. i would assume it is the same stat and is equal in every scenario, but still the inconsistency is super frustrating.
By Anonymous
poise damage is to stagger enemies, stance damage is to break their stance and do a critical hit on them